Tuesday, September 1, 2015

we survived!

So I did this thing. It was a crazy thing that I will likely not ever ever ever in a zillion million years ever do again ever. It is called Travel Alone On An Airplane With A Lap-Sitting 9-Month-Old And Not Checking Any Luggage Or Bringing Any Strollers. Ha.

Some moms are rock stars. Some moms can handle themselves and their babies with ease (or at least look like they do it with ease). Some moms fly all the time with their babies.

I am not one of those moms. I'm a high-anxiety kind of mom. I'm the type of mom who sometimes nearly has panic attacks when she thinks about breastfeeding in public. I am not the kind of mom that handles things on her own very well.

But I did the Thing. It was scary and it was long but I made it and Bug made it and I managed to not completely start crying at all during the trips (even though there were a few close calls).

I thought it would be easy because back when Bug was 6 weeks old, Husband and I flew to visit some family and Bug was a little angel and slept the whole time. Well. A newborn and a 9-month-old wiggly crawler are two verrrrrrry different things.

Here is my very official list of scary things I survived this past week during our flying escapades:

1 Baby-wore a nearly 25 lb wiggling infant through security while hauling a 25 lb backpack and a 25 lb diaper bag. I'm not exaggerating. It was so heavy I wanted to die. But at least now I'm buff.
2 Didn't lose anything in security. Except maybe my mind.
3 Managed a baby meltdown (two hours past nap time) while waiting at our gate without having a meltdown myself.
4 Rode on FOUR different planes (roundtrip traveling, a layover on each trip).
5 Breastfed on a plane three times and managed to not have a panic attack or flash anyone or die.
6 Got my baby to sleep in my arms for a little bit! (Believe me, if you knew my baby, you'd be impressed with my mom skills right now.)
7 Changed a diaper in the plane bathroom while flying and only dropped the poopy diaper (poop down, mind you... gross.) on the floor once!
8 Went whole day without peeing. Because when you have that much luggage and that much baby, you have no choice.
9 Read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" approximately 574,309,397 times.
10 Kept baby and self alive.

So once I got home and saw Husband again, I told him I would never ever do that by myself ever again. Either Husband is coming with me and we're checking all of our luggage except the diaper bag and we're bringing a stroller, or I'm not going. I am just fine with never leaving our town again, so family--if you want to see us or our freaking adorable baby ever again, you might have to come to us. ;)

Moms out there who fly with kids all the time, you are all my heroes. I don't know how you do it.