Thursday, August 28, 2014

update: yep, definitely still a baby!

So... I haven't posted in almost four months. So much for people who care... like my mother... getting updates on my pregnancy, huh? I'm already a bad mom and the baby isn't even here yet...

When I realized that I hadn't done a pregnancy update in that long (you poor people were probably all nervous wrecks waiting for me to post by now, I'm sure), I decided to post on possibly the most random week of pregnancy. Week 31. I think 31 weeks is awesome, but it's not a nice even ten like 30 would have been... nor is it even a pretty number like 32 will be... But that's okay. I do what I want, guys. I'm a rebel.

Yep, guys, that's how big this belly is now. Which to me feels really gargantuan, but apparently is totally normal and measuring right on time. But I still feel ginormous.

How far along? 31 weeks, guys!

Total weight gain? Too much. Okay, so maybe this goes along with me feeling gargantuan, because actually I'm in the "normal" range for this too (which, in case you were wondering, for 31 weeks is 21-27 pounds. No wonder I'm uncomfortable...). But seriously, I weigh as much as a man. Not a huge man, or anything. But still. I've kind of come to terms with the weight gain, though. It used to freak me out every time I gained a pound. Not anymore! It'll be weird when I won't just be steadily putting on a  pound a week... I've gotten so used to it.

Maternity clothes? ROCK! I love how comfy they are. I think I've said this before, but I may never wear regular jeans again.

Stretch marks? You betcha. I kind of tried to fool myself into believing that I would be one of those super lucky wonder women who don't get any stretch marks. Not so! I've done everything right... I put coconut oil body butter all over every inch of my body every day, drink 100 oz of water every day, have kept my weight gain slow and steady... but I just kind of had to accept the fact that stretch marks are in my genes and there's not much I can do about those. I freaked out when I got my first stretch mark. And then again when I got my second one and my third one... but then when I kept getting more I kind of realized that freaking out was entirely too exhausting for this pregnant lady, and I quit caring. These stretch marks are gonna keep showing up whether I want them to or not, so I'll just embrace them. :)

Sleep? I know this is going to sound blasphemous coming from a woman starting her eighth month of pregnancy, but my sleep has been awesome this whole pregnancy. You can hate me, but that's the truth and I'm SO grateful! Though it's going to be weird when Husband gets back from his 4-month stint living in another state because I might have to let him use one of the pillows that I have monopolized in his absence. Or maybe we just need more pillows, because it is a definite possibility that I won't relinquish any of the pillows.

Best moment this week? Husband gets back from his internship tomorrow. No more being a lonely hormonal woman for this girl! WOOP! (Side note: Never ever EVER ever ever EVER let your husband live in a different state from you for four months when you're pregnant. It's just not a good idea. Trust me.)

Miss anything? Raw eggs. And by that, I mean cake batter and cookie dough. I made a dangerous discovery last week, though. If you mix chocolate cake mix with milk and oil, it tastes just like regular cake batter. But it can't harm my baby. I may or may not have eaten an entire batch of cake batter like that last week. Don't judge me. At least it wasn't all in one sitting. I do have some self control, people. However minimal.
Oh and also I miss pizza. Pizza makes me sick this pregnancy and it is so so so unfair that sometimes I sit and pout about it. I just want to eat a whole dang pizza by myself. I told Husband that as soon as this baby is out, he'd better buy me my own Domino's pizza or else.

Movement? This baby is now to the stage where he's so big that when he moves or kicks it looks like he's gonna burst through my skin alien-style. It's super creepy. And awesome. But also kind of gross-looking and if I watch my belly contort like that for too long I start to feel queasy.
Oh, and also, he gets the hiccups like five times a day. Which I still think is so stinking adorable every time it happens that I grin like a crazy fool. But I hear that in a few weeks I'll stop thinking it's so cute and start thinking it's obnoxious. We'll see how long this cute phase lasts.

Food cravings? Cheese. And peanut butter. Both pre-pregnancy favorites, but now I can't go a day without eating both.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Just watching him make my belly turn into shapes that a human belly should never be...

Gender? Oh my goodness, I never did a blog post about when we found out he was a boy! Shame on me. Well, hopefully most of you saw that on facebook! Oops!

Labor signs? No. But I get my Braxton Hicks all the time! Let's keep this baby in there until he's good and cooked!

Symptoms? Haha... um how about a giant belly complete with a nearly-four-pound little boy inside? I think that counts.

Belly button in or out? In! But really stretched out and puffy. And I originally thought it would pop out, but now I'm thinking that maybe it'll just be puffy and weird-looking and that's about it. Not nearly as exciting, but whatever.

Wedding rings on or off? On. And I'm crossing my fingers they stay that way!

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy. As long as I've got my jar of Skippy and a spoon!

Looking forward to? Meeting my little man. The love I feel for him is overwhelming already, and I can't imagine what it'll be like to actually hold him in my arms, squish his chunky little baby thighs, and kiss his little baby nose. Man, I'm gonna cry just thinking about it!

Well... that's just about everything you could possibly want to know about my pregnancy at this point, I'm sure. And I can officially stop feeling bad about not updating. :)

Also, photos are courtesy of Breanna, my awesome sister-in-law (she did our engagement photos, if you remember those, and she rocks. :)