Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's true. I'm growing a human.

It was the morning of February 19th. I woke up around 5 am with a very full bladder, and thought, "today is it..." The first day I could possibly get a positive pregnancy test--if I were pregnant. So, with way more excitement than I usually have when the sun is not yet up, I headed into the bathroom and whipped out a Dollar Tree pregnancy test.

As I washed my hands, I stared at the test where it sat on the counter. Soon, the control line came up. It looked like a negative. I blew out the breath I'd been holding and tried not to feel disappointed.

But then something about that test started to look funny. I held it up to the light. Sure enough, there was an ever-so-faint second pink line. (The test pictured is not the original test. The one pictured is one I took much later, once the HCG hormone was much stronger in my system).

"What?" I looked at myself in the mirror with a goofy grin. "Really?"

I kept looking at it. The longer I looked at that test, the more I could actually see that line. It was very faint, but it was a line. And a line is a line, in the world of pregnancy tests. You don't get lines unless you're pregnant.

I opened up the cabinet and shoved the pregnancy test inside, trying not to scream out in joy. I was pregnant. We were going to have a baby. What?!?!

I crawled back into bed next to my sleeping husband and for the next hour and a half til my alarm went off, debated whether I could contain my excitement and tell him right now, or if I could wait til the end of the day and actually do something cute.

My desire to be creative won out, even though I rolled over probably twenty times and almost woke him up... It was so hard to not say anything.

That night, I gave Husband a present at dinner. It was a little pacifier that said "I love Daddy" on it and the book, "My Boys Can Swim!" (Which is a really funny book on how to survive pregnancy--for the husbands).

He first pulled out the pacifier and looked at it for a second. "Wait," he looked at me with a half smile. "Are you?"

I just smiled and nodded.

"Wait, really?!" He started laughing and pulled out the book (which he thought was hilarious) and then said, "Oh my gosh, we're having a baby!"

There was a lot of laughing and smiling and hugging after that.

We were both so surprised. We didn't expect to get pregnant that soon... everything I'd read said that it could take the average couple about six months to conceive, and here we were on our second month. But we were thrilled beyond belief.

Since then, we've taken to calling our little one "Bug." It seems to fit, especially since we still don't know if it's a boy or a girl (three more weeks til the gender check!)

Bug is due October 29th. We're hoping for a Halloween baby, but let's be real. It'll probably be a November baby. Either way, we can't wait!

So here's the part where I show you my bump. I've actually started showing quite a bit considering I'm just barely into my second trimester, but I kind of love that little baby belly. It just proves that Bug is really in there. I can't button up my normal jeans anymore, so I invested in a belly band to keep the pants up. However, I accidentally made the mistake of trying on a pair of jeans at Motherhood Maternity this week. It was a mistake because I was "just looking," but it turned into "I absolutely HAVE to buy these jeans NOW." So I bought them.

I'm not kidding, maternity pants are the single most comfortable things in this universe. I daresay I may never wear normal jeans ever again.

So, without further ado... Here's where I started. No belly yet at 8 weeks.

And then here is where I was a few days ago at the beginning of my fourteenth week. Definite belly in there.

What's crazy to me is that from  4 weeks til about 8 or 9 weeks, I gained more weight than I expected to (for the first trimester--most moms don't gain any or even lose a few pounds due to morning sickness). However, since about week 9, I haven't put on a single pound, but BAM! Baby belly out of nowhere! So it doesn't make a ton of sense to me. You'd think I would have gained those 7 pounds during these last five weeks of belly-growing, but no. It's a mystery.

So... that pretty much sums it up. Here are the answers to the questions I've been receiving the most often:

Was it planned? Yep. It was. We wanted this baby, and we are absolutely ecstatic that the timing is working out so perfectly for our little family! This little one couldn't have picked a better time to come into our lives.

Were you super sick? Actually, moms everywhere are going to hate my guts. I really wasn't. I had a few bad days here and there, and definitely didn't feel 100%. But I have never once thrown up. Which is actually really surprising to me... my mom had the WORST morning sickness ever for all of her pregnancies--vomiting pretty much til delivery. But me? Nope. I'm counting my blessings on this one. I've had pretty bad symptoms in other regards, but morning sickness has not been one of them.

What has been the worst symptom? The tiredness. Oh. My. Gosh. See, I went to college. I've pulled many all-nighters. I even worked an early morning custodial job and got on average about 3 hours of sleep per night for six months straight and nearly gave myself a heart condition because of how tired I was. I thought I knew what tired was. I thought I was an expert on tired. I was so, so wrong. Pregnancy tired is a million times worse. It's a kind of tired that I've never experienced in my entire life. It feels like my cells are 98 years old and dying. I feel the exhaustion in my bones. Believe me, you don't know tired til you've been pregnant. Just ask Husband... it's been pretty bad.

Do you think its a girl or a boy? Gah! I don't know! I read a statistic somewhere that the mom's gut instinct about the gender of her baby is usually right (I think it said 70% of the time), but I really don't know. For the first ten weeks, I was absolutely CONVINCED it was a girl. But then at the first ultrasound, the little picture popped up of our little wiggler, and I just started calling it a "he." So now I'm thinking it's a boy maybe? I really have no idea. It'll be a surprise to us!

Do you want a boy or girl? I want a girl. Please, please, please... Not to say that I won't be absolutely thrilled if it's a boy, too. It's just that this seriously is the year of boys. Everyone I know is having boys this year. We'll have three nephews born this year before our baby is born. I kind of want to be different. But I also really just want a little girl I can cuddle. Besides, Husband and I are much better at agreeing on girl names than we are on boy names. Husband wants a boy, though. He thinks it would be awesome for our other future children to have a big brother. Besides, he loves wrestling with his little nephews, and he's best friends with our neighbor's adorable 1-year-old boy. Either way, I know for sure that our baby will be the cutest baby ever whether it's a boy or girl!

Do you have any names you like? Yep. About 100. Luckily, we have a few months to narrow it down. :)

Do you want my free old baby stuff? Yes! haha I'm glad that yard sale season is coming up... because that's where we'll buy most of our baby things, I'm pretty sure.

Do you have any ultrasound pictures? Yes! This one's my current favorite--it's from about a week and a half ago:

Sorry it's blurry... something about taking a picture of a picture... and also the fact that ultrasounds tend to look kind of fuzzy anyway. But there's our cute little Bug! The size of a peach this week--or a lemon, or a beet... depending on which of my pregnancy apps you're looking at (don't judge me. Husband already does ;). Bug is a major wiggler. The whole ultrasound, those little arms and legs did not stop moving! Rolling around, stretching out, sucking its thumb, shaking its head... it was so unbelievably cute. We were smitten. :)

Anyway, that's the update! WE'RE HAVING A BABY!