Saturday, December 14, 2013

the top five things so far about my marriage. in a great list. just for you.

1 The Blue Fuzz Dance
Husband and I received a fuzzy blue blanket for a wedding gift from a friend (shout out to Mary!), which we love and adore and always use for cuddling and sleeping and parading around like superheros because inside, we're both really about five years old.

One day, I decided it would probably be a great idea to wash the blanket, since we use it so much. And also because I'm a germaphobe like you wouldn't believe. (Oh, you think you're a germaphobe? You ain't seen nothin.)

So I stuffed the fuzzy blue blanket of awesome into the washer. And then the dryer.

Out it came, clean, warm, cuddly... and covered in little blue fuzz balls. And because I was busy, I didn't have time to rid the blanket of the fuzz balls when I first got the blanket out of the dryer.

Fast-forward ten minutes. The whole apartment is covered in little blue fuzz balls. The couch. The carpet. The love sac. The kitchen floor. Our bed. Every article of clothing we own. My hair. Husband's 5'o'clock shadow. I kid you not, that blue fuzz was everywhere, and I swear it was making babies at an insane rate, because somehow more just kept appearing.

So, naturally, we made up the Blue Fuzz Dance. It all started when I was brushing my teeth once, and I had a commercial jingle I'd heard on the radio stuck in my head. I decided that the words "blue fuzz" were better lyrics for the entire song. So I sang it. And danced.

The dance is mostly a rocking forward and backward while bouncing kind of dance. But it's awesome and you should all be jealous.
**Also, please not that I am better at the Blue Fuzz Dance than Husband is. But don't tell him I told you that.**
2 The See-If-You-Can-Find-Another-Place-to-Spill-Food-Onto-the-Tablecloth Game 
Husband is the best at this game. It's like the equation A+B=C.
A: We are eating at the table
B: The tablecloth is on the table
C: Husband is spilling things onto the tablecloth that probably won't ever wash out. Like Indian curry sauce. Or spaghetti sauce. Or gravy.
I'm mostly a spectator at this sport, but man, Husband is a natural.

3 Our Dual-Language Home 
Husband speaks Spanish. He can say tons of things. And Spanish-speaking people understand him.
I speak French. But I can say some things in Spanish. Like "hola" and "el burro sabe mas que tu." And Spanish-speaking people ask if I was dropped on my head as a child.
Every morning, our first words to each other are:
Me: "It's time to wake up!"
Husband: "Yo quiero dormir!"
Me: "Por que?"
Husband: "Por que ESTOY CANSADO!"
Me: "Yo dos, babe, yo dos."

See? This is definitely the beginning of a multi-lingual family. Our children are going to be linguists, I bet you four thousand dollars.
**I know that it's actually supposed to be "yo tambien." Don't judge me. I just like the way "yo dos" rolls off the tongue.**

4 Husband's very own workout plan
It goes like this. Whenever he does pushups, I sit on his back. He loves this. Also, if he is ever giving me a piggyback ride (you'd be surprised how often I don't want to walk all the way into the next room), I force him to do squats with me on his back. He doesn't even need to go to the gym anymore, I keep that man in perfect shape!
**I have no idea why this is so much fun for me. Maybe I'm weirdly sadistic?**

5 The Tomorrow-We're-Gonna-Go-To-Bed-Way-Earlier-Than-We-Did-Last-Night Game
We play this game nearly every single morning a few minutes after the alarm goes off. It goes like this:
Step 1: Groan like you hate the world
Step 2: Moan, "I hate the world!"
Step 3: Contemplate how much more sleep you could possibly squeeze in before school (for Husband) or work (for me).
Step 4: Contemplate how much you hate the world.
Step 5: Glare at Husband while he groans, "Yo quiero DORMIR!" (see number 3)
Step 6: Realize how late you are going to be for work and how you won't actually have time to get ready and how probably no one at work actually knows what you look like with your hair actually done and how you don't have time to eat breakfast this morning and just how unfair that really is. 
Step 7: Commit to Husband that no matter how many episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" you want to watch tonight, you can't stay up til 2am again.
Step 8: Stay up til 2am again watching "Grey's Anatomy."

Sorry for my super long hiatus from my blog. I don't have any excuses except for the fact that I just didn't feel like blogging for a while. But hopefully I'll be posting more regularly from now on. I pinky promise. :)    


  1. Yay! A post! :) I started a different blog FYI. I don't tell people about it because it's a little ridiculous and I'm not much of a blogger these days. But I like you!!!
    Me and my husband are #5. Marriage is fun :)


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