Thursday, August 22, 2013

i love us. mostly because we're so dysfunctional.

Today I showered. I know, let's all gasp together and move on. So I opened the shower door, and, lo and behold, it looked like Husband had gotten into the washable bathtub crayons again.

I'm sorry, but that's just plain cute. I don't care if you have no heart--you have to admit, that's adorable. Plus also, he's getting really good at drawing hearts. You should have seen the hearts he drew when we first got married three months ago. Those were scary. Like mistakable-for-sloths-with-eating-disorders scary. But don't worry, I took it upon myself as his wife to teach him the very intricate art of heart-drawing and I must say I am possibly the best heart-drawing teacher in the history of ever. Probably.

Anyway, all I have to say about this is that this photo, folks, is a prime example of why Husband is my perfect match. Did he say, "I love you honey-pumpkin"? No. Did he say, "Your eyes are like stars"? Nope (though he did once compare my eyes to sapphires while we were dating. My eyes are green.) Did he say, "As you wish"? Nope. He told me that he loves me more than all of the other things.

He speaks to my soul. And my soul is probably, like, four years old.

So basically what I'm saying is... he's dysfunctional. I'm dysfunctional... You get the idea.

Boy, do I sure love being dysfunctionally married. :)


  1. Cute :) married life's the beeessstttt!

    I need some washable bathtub crayons!


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