Thursday, June 4, 2015

5 things i miss about being pregnant

I can already hear what you're thinking:

"Is she a crazy person?" (yes)

"What's her problem?" (not enough nutella)

"She obviously had a cakewalk pregnancy!" (nope. See my most recent post about PUPPP.)

The truth is, there is a heck of a lot of things about pregnancy that I do not miss at all. Not one bit. I think they're about the same as any other mom's list. You know, things like cankles, night sweats, baby stomps to the cervix, the inability to even roll over in bed... stuff like that.

There are, however, definitely some things I miss. The list is short, but the things on it are things I remember much more than the night sweats.

1the ultimate feeling of purpose
I felt so incredibly important while pregnant. Like everything I did mattered--because in a way it did. Every single moment of every day seemed so much more monumental because of that little life growing inside of me.

No longer was eating right important for just my own health. Eating had more purpose. Sleeping had more purpose. Exercising had more purpose. Simply being had more purpose. Even when I sat around in my pj's and watched episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" on Netflix, my body was working away at growing, creating, and sustaining a tiny human being.

I didn't recognize that feeling until I'd given birth and it went away. Suddenly, it was just me again. What I ate mattered about as much as it ever had before I'd gotten pregnant--which meant that if I ate poorly, I was the only one who would suffer for it. It was really depressing, actually. Like an important part of who I was for nine months was suddenly gone. I was no longer growing a baby. My body was just my body now. And even though some things still applied because I was breastfeeding, that ultimate feeling of importance was no longer there.

It's true, I did gain a lot of purpose as a new mom. So much depends on me every day to keep my little boy alive and healthy. But it doesn't feel quite the same as that incredible mantle of being the vessel of new life. And I miss that.

2never feeling alone
This one may seem kind of silly, but when I was pregnant, I always felt the presence of my baby with me. Even though he wasn't, you know, having conversations with me or anything. He moved, and I felt that movement and it felt like I was getting to know him on a level I'd never known anyone before.

Four months of my pregnancy my husband had to be away, so I spent a lot of the lonely nights falling asleep with my hands over my belly. I would lie there in bed talking to my boy, telling him about what life would be like and how excited I was to meet him. I felt his little nudges under my fingertips and fell asleep with lullabies on my lips. Even though my husband was far away, I didn't have to feel as lonely because my little baby was there with me.

3everyone loves a pregnant lady
It's true. You can't go anywhere with a baby bump and not have people opening doors for you, carrying your groceries, or offering you their seats. Add to that all of the people asking excited questions about when the baby is due and if it is a boy or girl, and it feels like it's your birthday every day.

When I was pregnant, I loved telling anyone who would listen about my baby. And the fun thing about being pregnant was that everyone wanted to talk to me about my baby, so I could get my fill of gushing about tiny blue shoes and crib mobiles anytime I wanted--all I had to do was step outside my house.

Sometimes it feels more difficult now to carry groceries to my car or open doors when I've got my hands full of a squirming, wriggling, 21-lb baby, but I don't get nearly the number of offers for help now as I did when I was sporting that belly. Maybe I should try sticking a basketball under my shirt next time I head out to Smith's?

4not having to suck it in
Let's be real. You walk past a reflective window, you check yourself out, right? And usually that involves reminding yourself to suck in your gut. I know I'm constantly adjusting my pants and shirt to make sure my tummy looks good.

But when I was pregnant? No sucking in at all! I don't think it's even humanly possible to suck it in even a little bit--believe me, I tried once. That belly is all uterus, and those abs and diaphragm have no control over that.

5great excuse for not doing dumb stuff
Like shaving your legs or wearing nice shoes. Obviously you still have to take care of yourself, but trying to do crazy body-morphing stunts to shave the back of your knee while sporting an extra 30 pounds on your stomach is ridiculous and sometimes it's nice to just say, "whatever. I'm pregnant." and be done.

Obviously, pregnancy is not a walk in the park. But there are definitely some perks. :)

Tell me, what things do you like about pregnancy?

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  1. I can totally relate. There are a lot of things about pregnancy that I miss too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following you on IG.


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