Thursday, May 21, 2015

what i hope my son learns from his daddy

I was very picky during my dating years before Husband and I tied the knot. I didn't have an identified list of things my spouse needed to be before I would say "I do," but I knew that whoever my husband would be was going to need to be kind of amazing.

Well, ladies and gents, I got a whole lot more than amazing.

I got a goofy, genius, hilarious, kind-hearted, fatherly, sweet, cuddly, self-sacrificing man who I totally do not deserve even a little bit. I married waaaaaay up, and I'm still waiting for him to figure that out.

But nothing in our pre or post marriage relationship has made me love him more than watching him become a daddy to my sweet little Bug. And sometimes at night when I go in to check on him after he's been rocking the baby for over an hour and I see him sound asleep with our sweet infant cradled in his arms, I laugh. Because they could be like twins 25 years apart. That sweet baby and that sweet man look so much alike.

And when I watch them both snoring in the rocking chair, I wonder to myself if little Bug will be like his daddy. I so hope he will.

I hope he will learn from his daddy to work hard. To put his everything into something he cares about. To never give up until the job is done.

I hope he learns from his daddy to be strong. To bow his head and push through the trials he will face in life. To recognize that this life, in the scheme of things, is just a small moment.

I hope he learns from his daddy to be brave. To try things he doesn't think he can do. To mess up sometimes so that he can become better.

I hope he learns from his daddy to laugh. To find joy even in the simplest things. To try to make others smile whenever he can.

I hope he learns from his daddy how to mow the lawn, how to change a flat tire, and how to build a campfire. How to wash dishes, make spaghetti, and give Mom foot massages (heh).

I hope little Bug will notice how much his daddy loves his mommy. I hope he sees how well he treats her--how he gives her a kiss as soon as he gets home, how he holds her hand whenever they go on walks, and how he tells her how beautiful she is all the time. I hope Bug learns from his daddy how to treat not only his future wife, but all women. With the kindness and love and respect that his daddy learned from his own father.

I hope my baby watches his daddy kneel to pray. I hope he sees his daddy read his scriptures every night. I hope he hears his daddy talk about God--the loving father in heaven who listens and loves him, too.

I kind of can't wait for the days when my little Bug wants to wear matching ties with his dad and tries to copy everything he does.

I can already tell that he is watching. Those big, bright, blue eyes are always watching us. And I hope he realizes someday how lucky he is to have this wonderful, tickle-you-til-you're-blue, wrestle-in-the-mud, climb-all-over-the-playgrounds dad who loves him more than I could ever have hoped for.

I hope he grows up not only to look like his dad, but to be like him too.

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