Thursday, May 14, 2015

top ten baby shower gift ideas

I've been to a billion baby showers (it's true, I counted), and one thing all of them have in common is that all of the same gifts are always given at every single one. The mom-to-be gets piles and piles of super cute baby clothes and a thousand blankets. And while it's true, expecting moms definitely need clothes for their babies and blankets to wrap their bundles of joy in, sometimes it's nice to see a little variety. SO I put together a list of my top ten favorite baby shower gift ideas. Enjoy!

I put this one first because it's my all-time FAVORITE baby product that anyone has ever given me. Seriously, the NoseFrida is sheer brilliance in a box. It can be used by itself, but becomes a zillion times more effective when used with a sterile saline spray like the one Little Remedies offers. It works by simply spraying a little bit of the saline solution into the baby's nose, inserting the tip of the NoseFrida, and sucking through the red mouthpiece.

Grossed out? Don't be. There's no possible way for any of your friend's sweet baby's boogers to get to her mouth. I promise, it's humanly impossible for anyone to suck that hard. And just to reassure you, there is a filter in place, but honestly it's really not necessary. The boogers never even get that far into the tube.

The NoseFrida works like magic, I am not even kidding. Those bulb snot-suckers are the worst invention ever and I don't know anyone who can actually clear a sick baby's nostrils with one. The NoseFrida, on the other hand, is like a mommy super power. If I wasn't already married to Husband, and if marrying inanimate objects was a thing that people didn't make fun of, I'd marry this product.

I will forever be indebted to my amazing sister-in-law for introducing me to it. She's my hero. You can be a hero, too, at the next baby shower you attend if you bring one.

So you know how baby poop stinks? Well, I don't. Because I've got these bad boys. A friend told me about them when I was expecting Bug, and they are one of my favorite things to carry around in my diaper bag. I kid you not, these things make your poopy diaper smell like clean laundry! You simply drop the used diaper into one of these little bags, tie it off, and you're golden. Munchkin Arm & Hammer is my favorite brand, but I've also heard that the dog version of this product works just as well, so there's that.

And, if you want to get super fancy, you can buy the little dispenser for it that clips onto the diaper bag. I bought one, but promptly lost it (I don't know what else I expected to happen--I lose everything).

The same sister-in-law who gave me my cherished NoseFrida also made me a binky clip. Which I have also since lost (and I seriously almost cried. I'm crossing my fingers and praying and hoping that I'll find it again--it was the cutest thing ever. Much cuter than the pictured one I'm currently using. You can find some cute designs here).

Binky clips save my germophobic sanity. Because when we're out grocery shopping and Bug spits out his binky, instead of having it fall on the gross-gusting floor covered in AIDS, it stays firmly attached to his shirt. (Insert "Hallelujah Chorus" here.) And, as an added bonus, I lose way fewer binkies with this thing. (Except for the one that is still attached to the one my sister-in-law made for me... Where oh where did you go, dear binky clip?!)

If there is one thing babies hate, it's getting the sun in their eyes. Trust me. If the mom-to-be ever drives a car, she NEEDS one of these in her life. Because, get this, they stay on using STATIC CLING. Yep. The mom-to-be that you buy this for will love you forever, or your money back.

If the mom you're buying for is planning on breastfeeding, then these are one of the most helpful gifts you can give her. Trust me. The same sister-in-law that I've been raving about this whole post (love you Mads!) also gave me a gift full of breastfeeding supplies, and the storage bags were included. I've probably used close to 500 of these guys since my baby was born six months ago, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Also, if you want a breastfeeding-themed gift, check out my list of breastfeeding essentials.

You buy a mom some diapers, and she'll love you for life. Because one of the first things that first-time-moms have a meltdown over in the grocery store is diapers. They don't seem to cost that much to someone who's never had a baby, but if you've had one, you know how quickly babies go through them. Especially when they're newborns. (Hint: TEN A FREAKIN' DAY!) Diaper costs add up quickly. Save your friend some money and help a sistah out.

All hail the white noise machine. If I didn't already believe in a God, I'd probably worship this thing on a shrine. As soon as we started using it, my baby started sleeping like a little angel. Plus, when this thing is on, baby won't get woken up by the motorcycle screaming past your house, the neighbor blasting Justin Bieber, or your swearing at Simon Cowell for criticizing your favorite American Idol contestant. All baby hears is the white noise. Praise be.

Okay, so this might be a boring gift, but it is extremely practical. I go through gobs of this stuff. I keep a few bottles on the changing table and a few mini bottles in the diaper bag so that I don't have to wash my hands every stinking time I change my baby's diaper (which, in case you forgot from what I said earlier, is A LOT). Bonus points if you get the extra moisturizing kind.

In case you missed my post about how coconut oil is a mother's secret weapon, you need to know that coconut oil is one of the coolest products to give a new mom. It works as a diaper cream, nipple ointment, stretch mark cream, and so much more. Seriously. Coconut Oil. You won't be sorry.

This is kind of a fun gift to give. Matching towels and washcloths with some baby soap and a rubber ducky make a great little gift basket that the mom-to-be will actually use. Because, news flash, babies get dirty.

And that's my list! Have you tried any of these products? Are there any that you would add to this list?


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