Wednesday, May 27, 2015

how we wore it // summer rain

I'm not gonna lie to you, guys, I'm not really a fashion guru at all. You'll probably see next to zero posts about my sense of fashion. I mean, I still wear clothes from high school. And I can count the number of pairs of shoes I own on one hand. The only kinds of fashion I rock are the jeans and random assortments of shirts that give easy enough access for me to be able to feed my babe, and that's it.

With that said, when I saw the opportunity to team up with Brooke from Silver Lining to do a fun "fashion for non-fashion-bloggers" post, I thought it'd be a lot of fun.

This is how it works: She finds a super awesome actually fashionable person and sends a picture of her in some supah-cute clothes to a bunch of bloggers (which included me this month!). We all then interpret that outfit and try to recreate it using pieces that we already own in our closets. And then voila! We all post our "how we wore it" posts on the last Wednesday of the month!

So, here was the picture we were all sent:

So I took one look at the photo and had no stinking idea what on earth I was going to do. I have no pieces like that!

I finally decided to go with the same color scheme she used. Here's what I came up with:

I did not have a cool purse or a cute pair of sunglasses, but I added in a belt! Plus jewelry. Being the daughter of a custom jeweler means I have strong beliefs about outfits not being complete until you're wearing earrings. :)

Rocking a skirt I bought when I was fifteen, my friends. 

We had our family pictures taken this week and I bought these shoes for that. I am so in love. I don't think I've taken them off since I got them.

And that, my friends, is how I wore it!

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  1. I love this look!! That shirt looks so light and comfortable and perfect for summer. And you are looking great! Thanks so much for joining me today :)

  2. I loved the color scheme of the outfit, yours looks amazing!

  3. It looks AWESOME! Super cute, and way toned down. I feel like I could wear this on a regular day haha!

  4. I love the casual look, but with a skirt! You are adorable. I am now following!!! Love finding new people through how we wore it. So cute!!

  5. great job matching the inspiration photo, and i totally agree about the earrings. i must have them on always.


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