Thursday, April 30, 2015

top 5 uses for coconut oil for new moms

Coconut oil is all the rage these days. It cures cancer! It makes you skinny! It can help you learn Chinese! I'm not usually one to follow the fads (I haven't hopped on the essential oil bandwagon, and I am basically living on gluten), but coconut oil is one thing I have tried, and basically use every day. It's great for so many things, and it is a must-have for moms with babies.

Here is my list of the top five uses for coconut oil. Try it out!

1It is hands-down my favorite diaper rash "cream." As soon as my baby starts to have even the tiniest of diaper rashes, I whip out the coconut oil. I love it so much for this, that I keep a little jar of it at my changing table. If your baby's bum is starting to look a little red, get some coconut oil on your finger and apply it to the red area. Voila! Most of the time (as long as the rash isn't very bad), the rash is gone by the next diaper change. Also, it's fantastic for yeast rashes on baby bums. My lactation consultant told me that coconut oil actually kills the yeast organism. How awesome is that? It is seriously a miracle moisturizer! And it doesn't leave any weird milky residue like other creams I've used. And it doesn't smell like chemicals. Basically, it wins.

2Fantastic nipple soother! Got cracked and bleeding nipples? Baby's got Thrush? Never fear, coconut oil is here! This stuff seriously saved me in the first weeks of breastfeeding and then again when we developed a mild case of thrush. And it's safe for baby, so you don't have to wipe it or wash it off before the next feeding! I would just dry off the nipple after breastfeeding and apply the oil directly with my finger. I kept a jar of coconut oil on the table by my rocking chair where I nursed and used it after every single feeding session. Once again, coconut oil kills yeast, so it really helped when my nipples were painful and red from the thrush. I would just apply it and then let it air dry for a few minutes before putting on dry breast pads. I never bought another tube of nipple cream again!

3Coconut oil in capsule form is fantastic at helping boost a new mother's milk supply! My lactation consultant told me about this one, as well. At one point when my supply had dropped (from when I dropped my calorie intake a bit too low--I was trying to lose the baby weight... woops!) I started taking a few capsules of coconut oil a day. Wow! Totally amped up my supply. It was crazy. So if fenugreek isn't quite cutting it for you, and the power pumping sessions aren't helping, try coconut oil. Besides helping with milk supply, it's actually very good for the quality of your milk as well.

4Cures cradle cap! Well, if your baby has cradle cap, you know it's impossible to really cure until they grow out of it. Coconut oil, however, helps manage it beautifully! Simply rub the coconut oil with your fingers onto the baby's scalp and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then, scrub your baby's scalp gently with whatever baby shampoo you prefer. Do this daily until baby's cradle cap is gone. It sure has helped us! It's great, too, because my baby has tons of hair so when we put the oil on his head he looks like a little greasy-haired mohawk man (with the help of Husband's great hairstyling skills, of course). Too cute!

5Moisturizer for stretching skin during pregnancy and stretch marks after pregnancy. I haven't been great about remembering to apply the oil to my skin, but I definitely do notice a difference in the dryness of my skin when I use it. And for a mama with lots of other things to think about, it is so easy to use, and so much cheaper than the expensive lotions out there marketed for stretch marks.

The best thing about coconut oil is how easy it is to find and how inexpensive it is considering all of the many things it can be used for! I just picked mine up in the baking section at my local grocery store! For only a few dollars a jar, you've got a diaper rash cream, nipple cream, moisturizer, lip balm, cooking substitute, and much more.

There you have it! My top five uses for coconut oil since I've had my baby! Do you use it for anything else? Comment below!

**Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional. Do not use this post as medical advice.

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