Friday, March 22, 2013

my favorite things about today

1I slept in until 8:50! Was I supposed to? No... Was it amazing? Yes. Definitely yes.
2The wedding is six weeks from tomorrow. BAHHH!
3I actually shaved my legs today. Hooray for not being stubbly and gross!
4I had two (TWO!) string cheeses at lunch today!
5I finished everything on my to-do list done at work. Yay productivity!
6Waffles for dinner! And they were the best waffles in the world. Possibly also the universe.
7I'm wearing old sweat pants!
8It's Friday!
9We only have three more episodes of LOST!
10I used a total of ten exclamation points in this blog post! (make that eleven)

This is how excited I was to eat real Belgian waffles in Belgium.
They were even more delicious than they look, too. :)

What's awesome about your day today?
Do you like exclamations points, too?


  1. 1. I love exclamation points! I think I may overuse them, but I do LOVE them! Also, I'm obsessed with <3. Just too cute not to use. Am I right?!
    2. I ate pizza Yummy! Feeling a bit bloated, but worth it as it was tasty.
    3. FRIDAY!
    4. Housewarming Party tomorrow. :)

  2. Just had to say....YOUR WEDDING IS COMING UP SO SOON!! AAHHH : ) : )


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