Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012 was the best year yet.

It was a year of...

Music. Release. Teaching myself to play guitar.

Friends. Spontaneity. Living in the moment (even if that moment is in the middle of the night).

Colors. Choking on chalk. Seeing Fiance's purple belly button (before he was Fiance. And also before he was Boyfriend. And also before he was Prospect. haha... but that's a story for a different day...)

Dressing up a few different times. Pretending I have table manners. Dancing like I actually know how.

Finding out that my best friend and I had actually already been friends for a while. Deciding not to date each other and then doing it anyway. Deciding not to commit to each other and then doing it anyway. Deciding not to count on forever and then doing it anyway.

Amazing friends who helped me through being far away from that best friend.

Laughter. 3-D Twister. Parties. And then calling him afterwards.

Trips to Oregon to see him. Walks on the beach. Late nights with friends. Community marathons.

Joking about getting married. And then realizing that deep down, we weren't joking. Changing our dreams from "if" to "when." Our first road trip together. Holding hands the whole way.


Eating wayyyy too much, and loving every single bite.

Living with these lovely girls. Photo shoots. Dirty dishes. Late-night chats. Robin's psycho fish.

Getting lost together. Feeling like a kid again. Ice cream.

My first successful homemade lasagna (and it was SO yummy). I think this is what clinched the deal and made Fiance decide he couldn't live without me... ;)

A ring. A promise. A future. A forever.

Trusting. In him, and in Him.

A new family. A bridal shower with gifts from people special to Fiance. Audrey Hepburn gloves. Having so much to be thankful for.

My first Christmas with this weirdo. ;)

Visiting more of Fiance's family. Falling in love with two more nieces and one more nephew (holy cow, I swear that Fiance's family was genetically engineered to make the cutest kids in existence. No joke). Renewing my love for curry. Looking forward to this new year that has so much in store.

Oh, and I also ran my first half-marathon (but sadly didn't get any photos of that). And it was so much fun.

Also, we set off fireworks on New Year's Eve.

Oh, and also I got the Batman trilogy for Christmas. And we started watching Lost (so much for having a life, right?) And we finished all of season one and two of The Walking Dead (I swear, I never learn... But now I'm hooked and it's an issue...)

Happy new year, everybody. Hope your 2013 is even better than 2012!


  1. When will you and fiancé get married?


  2. Sounds like an amazing year for you! All the best for 2013 - I hope it tops 2012 for you! Xx

  3. Haha. My fish are TOTALLY psycho! And I got an automatic feeder, but I can't stop thinking about them. I'm worried that they died.... :( AND YUM! Lets all buy stuff so you can make us all lasagna! :)


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