Wednesday, November 28, 2012

breakfast at tiffany's, anyone?

On Saturday, my awesome future sisters-in-law Jessi and Chari, my future mother-in-law, and her sister all pitched in to throw me the most adorable bridal shower ever. I swear, I felt like I'd walked straight into Pinterest! It was amazing!

There are so many things I could tell you about... but here are the highlights:

  • Chocolate Mousse. Ohhhh man...
  • Yogurt Parfaits. In these cute vases with little mini spoons. I almost died from all of the cuteness.
  • My wedding colors. Everywhere!
  • Dressing up like Audrey Hepburn. Maybe one day I'll be as glamorous as her.
  • Meeting lots of ladies who have known Fiance since he was a kid. Fun, fun stories. :)
  • Mini quiches! Those are seriously my favorite ever. I'm trying to convince my mother that we need them at the reception. NEED.
  • Jessi and Chari's adorable babies taking turns letting me hold them. I seriously can't get over this new I-get-to-be-an-aunt-and-have-actual-nieces-and-nephews thing that comes along with marrying Fiance. I love it!
  • Lots of fun gifts from all of these women who literally met me at the shower! I felt so spoiled...
  • Little chocolate cupcakes. With blue frosting. And little sugar pearls on top. I think I ate thirty, and I am not ashamed.

It was so much fun. I love Fiance's family so much. They have been so wonderful about making me feel welcome into the clan.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures from the shower (taken by Chari).

And here's one with me and the two lovely ladies I get to call my sisters-in-law in just a few short months! (Missing the other two sisters-in-law that were out of state... hopefully we'll be able to get a picture of all five of us together one day soon!)

But bridal showers can be tiring business. Just ask my adorable almost-niece, Nora.

Have you been to any fun bridal showers?
Isn't Nora the cutest?
Do you love sugar pearls as much as I do?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

the RING!

So... many of you have been asking for photos of the ring, and I haven't yet posted any. That's because I haven't had THE ring.

See, my dad is a custom jeweler, and we were having a custom ring made according to a design we put together ourselves. Fiance proposed with just a simple solitaire, and that's what I have been wearing for the past few weeks while we have been working with my dad on the design.

But now we have the real ring. I'll post more about it later, but I thought I'd share some pictures. I love love LOVE it. :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

how to not get mono from your fiance

Does your fiance/boyfriend/husband have mono?
Great! I bet your life is a great big ball of awesome right now!
I have great advice for you on how to not get mono from said fiance/boyfriend/husband. I've condensed all of my best advice down to 5 easy steps:

1Make sure and be with him whenever you have free time. The more time you spend with him, the better. I also recommend being in very close proximity whenever possible. When people have high fevers, it naturally makes them want you to be close by so they can feel your body heat. Promise.

2When you talk to him, make sure you're very close to his face so that he can hear you and so that he feels loved. People with nausea and sore throats love it when other people talk really close to their faces.

3Share food with him. Like Panda Express. And soup. And chili.

4Share drinks with him, too. When he drinks grape juice (because it's his favorite), make sure to ask if you can have a sip, too. Don't let him try to convince you to use a different cup. That's just silly.

5Whatever you do, don't you dare stop kissing him.

What, you got mono?
Well, don't blame me. I did all that stuff and didn't get sick so obviously you did something wrong.

Sorry for all of the mono posts lately... It's not like mono has been on my mind a lot the past three weeks or anything...
***Also, disclaimer, this post was sarcastic. Sometimes I do that.
Don't kiss people with mono. It is a bad idea.

Friday, November 16, 2012

long-distance is dumb and i hate its guts. ALL of its guts.

Fiance and I don't like being separated. But guess what we've done a lot of during our relationship? Yep. Be separated.

We did the whole long-distance thing over the summer, which was lame (because, holy crap, four months is a LONG time to not be with someone you love)!

Anyway, the last two weeks have been really long and uneventful because Fiance went to live with his mom and dad while he gets better from his mono (yes, it was that bad). But I still have a job and classes and an apartment and life here... so we've been separated yet again. Only for two weeks (but take it from me, when your fiance is sick and has to spend a night in the hospital hundreds of miles away from you and you can't be there to hold his hand or anything, it gets really rough), but we've made it. We're old pros at this long-distance thing. We've got the whole talking-on-the-phone-every-night-for-two-hours-(or-sometimes-four) system DOWN!

But I don't think I've ever in a million years been more excited for Thanksgiving than I am right now.

I get to see Fiance again in TWO DAYS!

I just love that boy. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

so... it turns out i'm a dummy...

I guess that isn't news to me, but it might be news to most of you. Guess I should have warned you earlier... Woops.

Now you know.

Why am I a dummy today?

Well, I just realized that NONE of you have been getting my replies to your comments because I was going about replying to them all wrong. Do you know how silly I feel right now? (I'll give you a hint: It's a LOT.)

I've been replying to your comments by going to my post, clicking on your comment, and typing in a reply just underneath your comment. Little did I know, that is not how the rest of you have been replying to my comments (you know, the replies that show up all fancy-like in my email inbox? Yeah, I thought I'd been doing that this whole time...)

But today, I figured it all out. And I'm trying to go through and reply to comments via email for the past week. So if you randomly get an email from me about a comment you wrote to me last week... this is why.

If you wrote a comment on my blog longer than a week ago, I'm really sorry. :( Your reply is sitting right under your comment at the bottom of the post where it will probably remain unseen forever because I'm a dummy. :)

And, if you're like me and don't quite understand the whole replying-to-comments thing, you can check out the post I found that taught me what to do at this post on "The Girl Creative."

Also, other news. I have a new blog email that will be loads easier for people to remember/use:


So if you want to email me (which, let's be real, you SO want to), send it to that email address.

And that, folks, about wraps it up. Sorry about the confusion, sorry for the no-replies so far, and sorry for being a dummy. I'm working on it! :)

You guys are da best.

Monday, November 12, 2012

today, i'm grateful for mono.

I'd never felt pain like this before.

It tore at my chest in the way a broken heart never had, in the way rejection could never begin to touch, in the way disappointment could never compare to. The ache in my chest felt like love, but this love hurt, and it hurt bad.

I held your head in my lap. Your fever burned my fingertips as I smoothed the sweaty hair away from your forehead.

I watched your eyelashes flutter as your eyes twitched beneath their lids and I wondered what sort of dreams you could see. Your breathing was uneven and loud in the way only sick people's breathing ever is. Each breath made you wince in your sleep.

There were people in the other room laughing and watching some action film I'd never heard of. They seemed miles away from where we were, there on the ground in the hallway.

I sang to you. Quietly, so they couldn't hear.

But singing was so hard with that lump in my throat.

I wiped tears away from my cheeks so that they wouldn't drip onto your skin and wake you. You needed all of the sleep you could get.

I sang for hours. Til my legs had long fallen asleep. Til I ran out of songs to sing and started going through the same ones again. Til your snoring became softer and more even.

There was nowhere in this world I would rather be than right there with you right then, no matter how much it tortured me inside to watch you like that.

I prayed the whole time you slept. Told God how much I loved you. Asked him to take the pain away from you. Wished it could be me instead.

But God knew. He always does.

Today, I'm grateful for the mono.

It's been hard. So, so hard. But it's been a learning experience for both of us.

Fiance's still not better. He spent last night in a hospital. He's lost twenty pounds. He's exhausted.

But he's making progress. He's getting there. We're getting there, together.

If anything, this crazy run with mono and liver issues and blood clots has taught me how crazy much this guy means to me. He is my everything.

Nice try, Fiance, but you won't get rid of me that easy. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

5 reasons fiance rocks the world

1He lets me call him up first thing in the morning and doesn't even get mad when I wake him up--even though he's sick. And then he lets me tell him silly stories that have no point for an hour without complaining once. And he laughs in all the right spots, too.

2He takes care of me when I get stressed out about the wedding even though he's the sick one and I should really be taking care of him.

3Even though he bought me my giant teddy bear (fondly named Chester), he always talks about how much he wants to "beat that loser up" or "smack that dummy in the face" whenever I mention how much I cuddle with it. Glad to know he likes me enough to be jealous of a teddy bear. :)

4Sometimes he texts me long, run-on sentences in all caps about how much he loves me and how it just burst out of him and he didn't have time for spaces or punctuation or grammar.

5He always reminds me that no matter how the wedding day ends up, no matter who is there, no matter what my bridesmaids wear or what color my cake is or who takes our pictures, at the end of the day all that will truly matter is that we will be together for forever and that he will be able to hold my hand every day of that forever.

This is definitely our best picture ever. I think we'll use it for our wedding announcements. It's just so "us."

Sorry my blogging has been sporadic at best the past two weeks. Sorry if all I talk about for the next six months is my wedding. Sorry if I post way too many pictures of that adorable man I get to call mine (I just can't seem to get enough of that smile and those baby blue eyes).

You guys all rock. :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

my pinterest wedding will be epic.

So, now that I'm engaged, guess what I spend a lot of time doing?

Yep. Pinterest. You got me.

I'm sorry. I'm female. It's in my make-up. Or something like that... Point is, I have excuses and stuff. :)

Anyway.You're welcome to follow along on my new Pinterest adventures... In fact, you're invited.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the sun is evil

Once upon a time, the sun was my best friend. We did everything together. We went swimming, ran through sprinklers, skipped through cornfields, and got great tans.

The sun and I got along so well because I had a superpower called "Holy-Smokes-Look-At-Me-I-Never-Ever-Sunburn-Ever-Because-I'm-Just-Too-Awesome!!!"

I felt sorry for all of the poor people around me who did not have my superpower. Those poor, poor people.

I never used sunscreen a day in my life. My ninja skin didn't need sunscreen. And I laughed at everyone else who did use sunscreen because they were pathetic. I mean, come on. Sunburns can't hurt that bad, people.

I was happy in my life of un-sunburned bliss. I always had a healthy tan. I never had to smell like sweaty palm tree oils. I never had those awkward white streaks on my face.


The summer after I graduated from high school, I worked two jobs, which meant I never spent any time outside. Which meant I became pasty white (not a good look for me, fyi).

The next summer, I went to Paris on a study abroad program from my university. We decided to take a river-rafting trip down the Dordogne River in southern France, and I decided that it was high time I got my beach babe tan back.

I snickered as I watched my fellow students lather themselves up with sunscreen, trusting in my amazing superpower to protect me from that bright, summer sun. I didn't put on a single ounce of it. I didn't need it. I was too epic-ly awesome.

So we got in our canoes and set off down the river.

All I thought about the whole way down that river was how tan I would be at the end of the day. Oh man. It was going to be magical.

It was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky. And the southern French countryside was absolutely breathtaking.

We saw trees (which, for the record, were a lot prettier than the ones in this picture. And there were also more than three. I just got lazy when I was drawing this and figured you people were capable of using your imaginations. So... do that).

We saw castles (which apparently are randomly brown-ish. No idea why the picture turned out this way. But there you go).

We saw fat American tourists.

And the whole time, that sun was beating down on us. I drank in that sunlight and vitamin D all day long.

We spent the whole day out there on that river. Time passed.

And then more time passed. Pretty soon, we'd been out there for seven hours (and, in case you need to see it as a pencil drawing, here you go:)

We finally clambered back onto our tour bus and headed home.

But on the way home, I started to feel achy. My skin started to feel hot. My stomach heaved.

By the time we got back to the hotel, I looked pretty much like this (but actually a little bit worse):

Yep. I was sunburned. Me, the girl with the ninja skin, had been beaten by the dumb sun! And not only was I sunburned, but I was sunburned bad.

I swelled up like an elephant. My knees got so big I couldn't bend them so I had to waddle around like a duck. My legs were so puffy I couldn't wear pants anymore and was forced to walk around in a skirt for two weeks straight. I turned purple. I looked like a baby walrus minus the teeth.

And when my skin peeled, I looked like a reptile.

So basically, my point here is that the sun is evil. You might think it is your friend, but it's not. It hates you. It hates everyone. 

The moral of this story is that I don't have ninja skin. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

If you liked this story or the illustrations, you can check out my other story posts!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

the story of that one time when BOYFRIEND PROPOSED!

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, guys. Life has been... crazy.

Boyfriend hasn't gotten better. His mono has gotten worse. And there might be other complications. He's lost lots of weight, can't keep food down, has had a pretty consistent fever for almost 2 weeks now, is very weak, has jaundice, and a bunch of other symptoms that he might not want me telling you about. And you probably don't want to know about them anyway. But basically... the point is that he is very sick. We've been to the doctor several times and are now waiting for more blood work results to come back. In the meantime... this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life that I can ever remember.

But there is a (super totally amazing-awesome) highlight. :)

We've been planning on getting married for a long time. Months. It's been a long, hard road getting to where we are now. But as soon as we made the official decision to get married, Boyfriend got slammed with this sickness business and hasn't been able to get off the couch since. He promised that as soon as he got better enough to carry out his planned proposal, we would be engaged. But then we found out that he had mono, which doesn't get better very quickly, and then there were his other complications where his sickness became much more than just your typical nasty case of mono. And our hoped-for wedding date was getting nearer and nearer. We needed to get engaged.

Monday morning dawned bright and clear and crisp like most autumn mornings around here do. I rolled out of bed early, yawning and rubbing my heavily-lidded, stressed-out eyes. After a quick shower, I stumbled out the door and to my car to run to the store for more medicine and soft foods for Boyfriend's severely sore and infected throat.

Sick with worry, I stumbled around Smith's with a pained look on my face. Luckily it was just a couple of days before Halloween, so my zombie-like appearance wasn't too out-of-place, though the cashier did give me a strange look when I dumped armfuls of Jell-O and pudding onto the counter and croaked out "plastic bags, please," with a tear-stained voice.

Boyfriend was just where I'd left him the night before--too weak to really get up, and sleeping fitfully on his couch under a blanket to keep back the fever chills. He woke up when I sat down next to him and I gave him water and more medicine. A dull ache bit through my chest every time he opened those yellow, jaundiced eyes.

We talked for a bit, and then I was off to campus to bargain with his professors to see if there is any way for him to not have to withdraw from school for the rest of the semester.

I came back and told Boyfriend what all of his professors said, and he was discouraged. He didn't want to withdraw from school, but it was looking like that was our only option. He was too sick to stand, let alone trek up to campus to mechanical engineering labs and classes and his TA job. After a few more moments of painful discussion, I asked if he wanted any food and he nodded his head.

I went and retrieved a string cheese from the kitchen and on my way back into the living room, Boyfriend pushed back his blanket. He was dressed in a suit, complete with the tie I gave him for our anniversary two weeks ago. He slid down from the couch and onto one knee, hanging onto the side of the couch for the balance his body could not provide.

At first, I was completely confused. Why was he wearing a suit?

And then he pulled a box out of his pocket and opened it.

The sparkle of the diamond was the last thing I saw before I completely burst into tears.

"Will you marry me?" His voice was weak and betrayed his swollen, tender throat, but the words rang loud and clear.

I was crying too hard to make words, couldn't even choke out the yes he was waiting for.

And there, on the floor of his apartment on a Monday morning twenty minutes before I had to leave for work, the best guy I've ever known slid a ring onto my left hand and weakly asked, "these are happy tears, right?"

Yes. The happiest tears I've ever cried in my life.

"Does this mean yes?"

"Yes," I cried. "Yes, I will."

He hugged me tight, leaning a bit on my frame to keep his legs from buckling as my tears dripped onto his suit jacket.

And then he lay back down on the couch, the single most handsome man I'd ever seen, even with his yellow eyes and fever-red cheeks.

This proposal was better than I ever dreamed it would be. It was perfect for us. And it was the best moment of my life so far.

He's still sick and we've really been more focused on his health than anything else this week, but soon we'll get started on planning that wedding--the day where we get to start our forever.

And I can't wait for forever.