Saturday, October 27, 2012

one of the happiest moments of my life

After a week of having no appetite. After days of not being able to even keep water down. After the anti-nausea meds the doctor prescribed didn't help at all...

Tonight, Boyfriend looked at me and said, "Food sounds good."

First, I was shocked. "What?"

"Food. It sounds good right now."


"Yeah. I want to eat something."

In that moment, I knew what sheer joy felt like.

"What do you want to eat?" I was almost bouncing, I was so giddy. "What sounds good?"

He thought for a minute and then said, "Panda Express."

Which I thought was a weird first-thing-to-eat-after-four-days-of-puking, but when Boyfriend's stomach finally allows him to eat something, you give it what it wants. So I ran to Panda, picked out Boyfriend's favorites, and watched him eat it.

So much happy right now. Boyfriend ate food. And he didn't throw it back up later. And he's sleeping soundly for the first time in a week.

He's still weak, he's still very sick, he's still exhausted, and he still can't eat very much (he only managed to eat maybe a quarter of the food I brought him), but the point is... he ate.

He's getting better. Relief has never felt so good.

Nothing like a little mono to show you how much you love someone, right? :)

Friday, October 26, 2012


Sorry that my blogging has been so sparse this week. It might be that way for a little while.

As it turns out, Boyfriend didn't get my nasty cold. He's got the worst case of mono I've ever seen.

Everything is going to be all right eventually, but right now it's very hard on both of us. He's miserable, feverish, nauseated, and weak. And I'm worried, frazzled, emotional, and exhausted. Together we make a fine pair.

I'm learning this week what it means to really worry. It is torture. And I hate how helpless I feel. Watching him be so sick absolutely kills me.

So right now, I just ask that you keep Boyfriend and me in your prayers.

Thanks, guys.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a list of super-extra fun things to do when you are sick.

1Make sure Boyfriend gets sick, too. Being sick by yourself is way more lame. Plus also, being sick builds character, so really you're doing Boyfriend a favor.

2Be gross. Being clean and healthy is so overrated. It is much cooler and hip to cough all the time and sniff incessantly. It is also especially cool to be feverish enough that you sweat through all of your clothes. Take it from me, people love all that stuff.

3Used-tissue towers are the newest form of really high-end modern art. The best place for said towers is on the living room floor where all of your roommates can admire your artistic genius.

4Make sure to miss lots of school. Being behind on homework and not understanding anything that's going on in class is wayyyy more fun than being all caught up and boring.

5Call in sick for work. Employers adore when their employees keep them on their toes. Nobody likes a dependable employee.

6Drink ALL the Nyquil!!!!!

7Never change out of your pajamas. The grungy, lazy look is the new sleek and chic.

8Call your mother eight times a day to complain about stuff. I assure you, she'll appreciate knowing all of the details of your sinus activities.

9Don't go to Smith's for Tylenol. They don't carry it, and they want to play this fun game called "Make You Wander Up and Down ALL of the Aisles in the Store Looking for Something You Should Just Go to Macey's to Find Because Smith's is in a Time Warp where Tylenol Stops Existing." Which is a really fun game... but just go to Macey's.

10Just make sure to not die. Get close, but not all the way. Living life on the edge is the ideal.

***For the record, I'm not encouraging anybody to overdose on Nyquil. Follow the super easy-to-find-after-20-minutes-of-searching directions on the bottle. Mmkay thanks. :)

What do you like to do when you're sick?
How do I help Boyfriend get rid of his fever (because his sick is actually worse than mine and I'm a horrible person...)?
Who wants a "What I Wore" post for the past week? (Let me give you a hint... Number 7!)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

the best gift i've ever given

So a couple of days ago, I talked about the anniversary that Boyfriend and I had (you can read that post if you click on this super awesome link of awesomeness!) If you read that, you might remember that I did several little gifts for him to get throughout that day. Well, get ready ladies and gents, because this post is about how I made one of those gifts (I know, epic, right?)!

You've probably heard of it. Possibly. I saw it on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea. It's called "52 Reasons I Love You"

This is a picture of the one I made.

What you'll need:
1a deck of cards that include the 2 joker cards (totaling 54 cards)
2a super Sharpie pen of amazingness that will last you through this project and possibly make you high because of its smell (But don't do that on purpose. Please.)
3a metal clip ring (I found mine at Walmart. I bet you could, too, if you tried!)
4cardstock paper or 3x5 index cards
5a handy dandy trusty rusty glue stick!
6a hole punch
752 reasons you love your significant other. (Once you start writing them, I promise that 52 isn't actually that much if you're dating/married to somebody amazing. :)

How it's done:
1Measure how large you want your pieces of paper to be once they're glued to the backs of your cards.
2Cut 54 pieces to that size.
3Spend all night (preferably until 4:30am) gluing those pieces of paper to the cards.
4Put the cards in whatever order you like (I just started at 2 and went up to the ace cards and kept the same pattern going--diamond/spade/heart/clover. You can do whatever you want. Just make sure you have a joker card at the front and one at the back--these will be your title and end cards).
5Use the sharpie pen to write one reason on the back of each card (I found it easier to write down my list on a regular piece of paper and then just copy each one onto the backs of the cards. That way when I was trying to make it look good on the cards, I didn't have to think. Not thinking=good.) You can also do what I did if you like, which is to write on the front of each card an explanation for what you wrote on the back. For example, on the back of one card, I put "You always do the dishes" and then on the front, I wrote "Even if you were the one to make dinner!" This isn't necessary, but I think it adds an even more personal touch of adorable-lovey-doveyness. :)
Also--for this step make sure to make a title card (that says "52 Reasons I Love You" on it) and an end card (Mine said, "I love you. Happy Anniversary. Love, Jessica." You can make yours say whatever you want).
6Once you've filled up all of your cards, punch a hole in the corner of each card.
7Slide all of the cards in order onto the metal ring, and you're done!

Let me know if you decide to try it. :)

This gift is great for an anniversary, a birthday, Christmas, or "just because." But be warned: it might make your significant other feel ooey gooey warm fuzzies like crazy. And you might feel them, too. It's contagious, people. :)

Have you ever made this gift?
What creative gifts have you done in the past?
Have you ever accidentally gotten high off of sharpie fumes?

Friday, October 19, 2012

day one: i miss my missionary brother...

1This is a picture of me, my little sister, and my brother the day he was set apart as a missionary for our church. He left the next day for the Missionary Training Center and then three months later set off for Russia to serve the Lord and spread the gospel. He's been there for 16 months now, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I can't wait to see him again when his two years are up, but I am so incredibly proud of him for all of the hard work that he is doing.

My brother is 6'4''. I can tell that's what you were all wondering. And yes, he was a basketball player in high school. And yes, he's single, so once he gets off his mission I can set all of you single 20-somethings up with him. :) Don't worry, ladies, I've got your backs.

What are some of your favorite photos?
Don't you love my brother's yellow tie?
Do you know anyone who's been on a mission?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

day two: in which all the songs i like are because of that ninja i'm dating

Sorry I missed posting yesterday... I'm really sick. Disgustingly sick. But don't worry, I've got my giant Chester bear and Boyfriend to keep me alive. Sorry if you've emailed me about buttons or about following your blog or walking your dog... I'll get around to all of that once I can breathe through my nose again. ha. :)

Anyway, onto Day Two!

2Fine by Me by Andy Grammer. I came home from a date with Boyfriend not too long ago and was telling my roommate about some really sweet things he'd said and done for me. She kind of laughed and said, "have you heard Fine by Me by Andy Grammer? It sounds exactly like how Boyfriend talks to you." So I looked it up. And she was right, it sounds just like that cute boy I get to call mine. But it is also super catchy and fun, and it's one of my new favorite songs.

1Wanted by Hunter Hayes. Specifically the cover by Alex Goot and Julia Sheer. Boyfriend came home last week and played me this song because it reminded him of us. How cute is this boy? SO cute. :) I'm seriously the luckiest girl ever. And I now have a new favorite song ever.

Anyway... hope that you didn't mind the happy gushing about my man. Sometimes I can't help it. :) Especially when all I really need right now is to guzzle down a whole bottle of Nyquil and pass out for the next 63.2 hours. Maybe I'll go do that now.

Love you guys.

What are your favorite songs?
Have you ever been so sick that Nyquil tasted good to you?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

day three: little princesses with babies in alabama

3A Little Princess. This movie makes me cry. Every. Single. Time. And not just little-sniffle-trickling-tears kind of cry. I'm talking like full-on-sob-fest-complete-with-hiccups-that-make-me-sound-like-a-donkey-and-nasty-wetness-all-over-my-face kind of cry. Seriously, it's not a pretty sight. But this movie is incredible, therefore I have no shame. Well, mostly no shame.

2Baby Mama. This movie absolutely slays me. It is hilarious and quotable and I luuuurve it. So much.

1Sweet Home Alabama. This movie is my all-time favorite chick flick. Reese Witherspoon is adorable, so is her man, and so are their accents. It's funny, it's sweet... and one of my favorite chick-flick movie quotes comes from this movie:

"What do you want to be married to me for, anyhow?"
"So I can kiss you anytime I want."

What are your favorite movies?
Have you ever been a sobbing, horrible, sticky, wet mess during a movie like me?

Monday, October 15, 2012

hey look, guys! i got nominated for something. TWICE!

Clicking around on my blog today I found two lovely comments from two even lovelier bloggers. They had nominated me for the Liebster award... (insert really eloquent speech here, complete with funny stories about my childhood and a long list of people who've influenced me [including Spongebob Squarepants]).

What is the Liebster Award, you ask? (And if you didn't ask, please just humor me for a sec)

I know, I know!
A Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, sweetest, cutest. The award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Okay, okay, I admit. I cheated. I just copied and pasted that from the description on the blogs that nominated me. Don't judge.

So, like everything else awesome in this world, the Liebster award has rules:

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
  • Answer the questions the nominator asked, and create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
  • Go to their page and tell them.
  • No tag-backs.

11 things about me, huh? Well... if you've been following my blog for very long, you've gotten your fair dosage of "things about me" with the 10 Day YOU Challenge... so, lucky you! You get to read more! (Cheering and applause all around!)

1-I am female.
2-I am not male.
3-My name is not Amanda.
4-It is also not Conrad Birdie.
5-I'm super great at breathing. (I've got that one down, guys, so if you ever need pointers, you can definitely hit me up.)
6-I have a blog. You are on it right now. (That could even count as a fact about YOU--I'm that good!)
7-I speak English sometimes. Mostly I speak gibberish.
8-I like sugar.
9-A lot.
10-Boyfriend is my boyfriend.
11-All of the above is true.

Gosh, it feels so good to get all of that off my chest! Now you guys really know me.

So, since I was nominated for two, that means I have 22 questions to answer. 22! That's one question for each year I've been alive! (Hopefully it doesn't take that long to answer them...)

Here goes nothing!

leslie's questions:

What is the best gift you ever received?
The gift of life. Beat that!

What is on your DVR right now?
I don't have a DVR. Woe is me. Who wants to buy me one?!

What is your favorite place to vacation?
My bed. I'm not kidding. It is a vacation, and if you argue with me, I will plug my ears and sing the ABC's until you stop. Don't say I didn't warn you.

What is your favorite accessory?
Boyfriend. I take him with me everywhere I go, and he's super duper cute! (say that with a lisp)

What is your most embarrassing moment?
So there was this one time that I was using the restroom. I was about 473.2% sure I had locked the door, but I guess that 473.2% wasn't quite a high enough percentage of sure-ness because some lady walked right in on me. And I was embarrassed, but I think the lady was even more embarrassed than I was. ha. oh well. At least she wasn't a guy. Count your blessings, right?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
In a super duper huge mansion. So I could play epic games of hide-and-seek (because, let's be real, I never grew up).

What is your biggest pet peeve?
I have lots of pet peeves... but the absolute worst is when teachers (or people in general) lick their fingers before they rifle through papers to pass to me. That's your spit on my paper, people!

Who is your favorite author?
The guy who writes Calvin and Hobbes. I don't know his name. Give me a sec to google it... Bill Watterson. That guy is my idol. I want my best friend to be a tiger.

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? (And more wishes is not an option!)
That I could whistle. 

That I had depth perception so I could be awesome at sports. And driving. And walking.
That I could have a lifetime supply of Oreos. It's the little things, right?

What are the five most played songs on your iPod?
That is my own personal beeswax (but they may or may not all be OneDirection songs...)

What is the best lesson on life you have learned so far?
My dad said yesterday that being courageous isn't just doing hard things; it's doing hard things even when it's scary.

tessa's questions

Why did you start blogging?
The first time it was because someone once said that if I wanted to get published, I should blog. This time it's because I just wanted to. For fun.

What is your favorite post you've written?
Honestly? Probably my zombies are the scariest things in the history of ever and I hate them because they are scary! post. (That is not its title--but it should have been.) I don't know why I like this post. I just do.

What is your favorite article of clothing you own?
Sweatpants. I swear they were made by the hand of God Himself.

What's your favorite band?

What kind of posts do you enjoy reading from other bloggers?
The ones with pictures of food on them. I don't need any good reasons for this.

What's your favorite liquid?
Milk. I go through a gallon and a half per week all by myself. Please don't think I'm gross.

Who is your favorite celebrity?

Which blog is your very favorite to read?
I love kierstin writes because she's hilarious. And also a successful author. Reading her blog always gives me hope that maybe my books will be published one day.

What's your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
Sleep way too much. Eat way too much. Cuddle with Boyfriend on his LoveSac. I have an exciting life.

What movie have you seen recently that you liked?
Boyfriend and I watched "Man on a Ledge." Not the awesome-est movie ever, but I really liked it!

What's the first thing that you do when you wake up?
Hate the world.

So I guess now I get to nominate 11 other blogs. Yay! Here they are:

Chelsea @ Elegance by Chelsea
Syd @ Just Two in Love
Jo Lane @ Loving Life in the Fab Lane
Melissa @ Melissa, Maybe
Heidi @ Mustache Mama
Autumn @ Busy Bee
Krystenn @ Ever Sincerely
Sabz @ The Eclectic Grab Bag
Jeannie Leigh @ One Wish Short of Paradise
Lauren @ One of Five
She @ She May Be the Song that Summer Sings

questions of awesomesauce for my nominees:

1-Bacon or sausage?
2-Hot chocolate or hot apple cider?
3-Easter or Halloween?
4-Hamburgers or hot dogs?
5-Cake or pie?
6-Diamonds or pearls?
7-Sunrise or sunset?
8-Beach or mountains?
9-Pancakes or waffles?
10-Peeta or Gale?
11-Winter or summer?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

day four: my ultimate weakness

4After by Amy Efaw. I loved loved loved this book. It blew my mind. Made me think about the world in a whole new light. Caused me to rethink every judgment I'd ever passed on any other person.

3The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Tough to get myself to read because a story about the war-torn Middle East didn't sound appealing to me at all, but I'm glad I finally picked it up. It kept me reading all night long. Made me cry. Made me want to change the world. Took me deep into the emotional recesses of one man's heart. I adore this book.

2Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Another book that totally tugged at my heartstrings and made me rethink my perception of the world. It made me think back to all of the people I wrongly judged back in my high school years, made me wonder what their stories must have truly been. The language the author uses and the way she writes is beautiful. Read this book.

1Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. This book is my all-time favorite girly book. I read it in middle school and fell in love with it--more than a decade later, and I still love it. I'll probably love it til the day I die. Don't watch the movie. Read the book. You'll thank me later.

What are your favorite books?
Have you read and fallen in love with Ella Enchanted?
What's your ultimate weakness?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

i'm dating a ninja

Pardon the interruption to the 10 Day Challenge, but I have a story that just needed to be shared.

Once upon a time, Boyfriend and I had an anniversary yesterday.
(Isn't he the cutest?)

Anyway, so I had planned out this whole day of awesomeness for him (just to prove to him that I'm cool enough for him to continue dating me--don't want him to figure me out yet!). I had little random gifts delivered throughout the day. This took a lot of planning. Seriously. My brain still hurts from getting all the details right and I still have leftover anxiety from all the worrying about whether or not everything would turn out the way I had planned.

It was his job to plan the date for last night. He said it was going to be a surprise. Never really having had a special anniversary date before, I was school-girl-crush-status giddy with excitement.

So last night rolled around after a day of me running all over the place making sure his gifts showed up on time and all that. He had a soccer game, and after that I waited while he showered and got ready (which included camping out on his lovesac for a while--who could complain? I had quite the setup!) 

He took longer than usual to get ready, seeming to have completely forgotten we had something planned. Suddenly he rushed out into the living room where I was waiting.

"Shoot!" He scrambled for his shoes. "I just checked my watch... We have to leave now!"

"Um... okay..." I got up off the lovesac and found my own shoes. "What's going on?"

"I made reservations, but I forgot about them--they were for 45 minutes ago!" He rushed me out the door and into the car.

He pulled the car out of the parking lot and sped down the road. "Since it's Homecoming weekend, I made reservations... the restaurant's probably packed by now. Shoot!"

I just nodded and watched as he got more and more frazzled. "Crap, I didn't look up the address... Do you know where the restaurant is?"

"Why didn't you look it up before now?" I asked, trying not to let my disappointment show.

"I'm sorry, babe... Can you look it up on my phone?"

I just shrugged, trying not to let him see how disappointed I was that his end of the anniversary wasn't going so well. I'd spent weeks planning his gifts and the entire day running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and he'd already made us late for our reservations and hadn't even checked where we were supposed to be going.

I found the place on his phone and he drove there, but we couldn't seem to find the restaurant anywhere.

He pulled over and took his phone back. "I'm going to call them," he said. I tried to smile, and then leaned my head against the cold window.

I listened to his end of the conversation as his suspicions were confirmed: Our reservations had been cancelled, our table had been given to someone else, and they were really busy so we wouldn't be able to walk in and get a table. He thanked the person on the other end of the phone and hung up with a sigh.

"I'm so sorry, honey," he said. "I guess we'll have to find somewhere else to eat. What do you feel like?"

I swallowed hard. What did I feel like? I felt let down and disappointed. He had put next to no effort into this date. We were probably going to end up eating burgers at McDonald's for our anniversary. I would have to pretend to him that it wasn't that big of a deal for the rest of the night.

So I simply said, "I don't know..." And I'll admit, I sounded completely crushed.

He leaned against the steering wheel and took a few deep breaths. "I'm so sorry, Jess. I was supposed to have planned something. I'm a horrible boyfriend."

"You're not a horrible boyfriend," I responded. But that's all I said.

He pulled out into traffic once more and started driving south. "I think I know of a place... We can check them. But if they're already closed, then maybe we'll just have to get burgers or something."

I said nothing. I didn't say anything for the next ten minutes of the drive. And neither did he.

When he turned left and started heading east, I became confused. I knew for a fact that there weren't any restaurants over on that end of town, so where was he going?

He pulled up to a park. And I nearly choked when I saw it.

Under a pavillion, there was a table set with a tablecloth and candles, dinner and Sparkling Cider.

"Surprise..." Boyfriend whispered, a soft grin on his face.

I was speechless. I lost all ability to say anything. I nearly started crying then and there (but I'm proud to say I held it together).

Boyfriend ran around the car and opened my door for me. We ducked through the rain and over to the table.

He'd made most of it himself. Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. French bread. Fried zucchini.

He apologized for having lied to me and gotten me all upset. He'd just been stalling so that his roommate could run the food over and set it up for us. And so that I'd be totally surprised.

I was still having a hard time speaking, so I just nodded and hugged him tighter than I ever have in my life.

And there, listening to the rain beat on the pavillion roof over our heads, sipping sparkling cider in the night, I shared the best date I've ever been on with the best guy I've ever known. The whole time, I just kept thinking...

He's definitely a ninja.

Sorry for the lack of my-own photos in this one--I was too busy enjoying the night to remember to pull out the camera... Hope you'll forgive me. :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

day five: why i'll never be able to diet

So besides my obvious addiction to peanut butter (which resulted in the name of my blog), I give you a list of my five OTHER food obsessions. Which ones do you like?

5Oreos!!!!!!!! (There are seriously never enough exclamation points for how much I love these things.)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4Cookie Dough ice cream. So much wow I can't even handle it.

3Better-than-Sex Cake. I mean, how could you possibly go wrong with chocolate cake, sweetened condensed milk, caramel, Heath bar, whipped cream, more Heath bar and more caramel?? (Answer: you CAN'T!)

2Peach Cobbler. Yum yum yum yum yum yum YUM! (I think it's yummy. :)

1Nutella. Obviously. If you've been reading me for very long, you know that I love the stuff way more than any normal, sane person should. (Good thing I'm neither normal nor sane!)

...Would you look at that... All of my five favorite foods are desserts...
Well. The secret's out. I'm hopeless.
I like it that way. :)

What are your favorite foods?
How many exclamation points do you think Oreos deserve?
Are you abnormal and insane, too?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

day six: oh, the places in the world that i'd rather be (because being in school is lame!)

6Hogwarts. And I'm not talking about  the Harry-Potter-World Hogwarts. I'm talking the real, 100% genuine Hogwarts.

5Paris. I want to go back so baaaaad... Check out my photos/memories of Paris post HERE, and then you'll understand.

4New England. My family moved away once I moved out. Haven't been back since. I am missing it terribly--especially now that it's autumn and the fall colors are happening without me... Not cool, people. Not cool.

3Hawaii. Because... well, duh. It's Hawaii.

2Disneyland. Roses are red, violets are blue, Disneyland is awesome, and I don't have to make this poem rhyme because it's already too awesome!!!

1Really, right now... the number one place I want to be is in my bed. Cuddling with Chester the Bear. Sleeping. Sigh... That would be the life...

Where would you rather be?
Have you been to Paris? Have you seen some of the places in the pictures from that post?
Isn't Disneyland the best?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

day seven: all i want for christmas is ALL OF THIS! please don't leave anything out. thank you.

7A car that never breaks down, whose registration never expires, that doesn't need to be inspected because it is so awesome, that never runs out of windshield wiper fluid, that refills its gas tank by itself... Yeah. That would be pretty great. Any idea where I can get one of those?

6A crockpot. Those things are like magic. You put random food in, and it comes out tasting delicious. I need to buy one stat.

5My diploma. Holy cow can I just have it already? I've been through 12 rounds of finals already... the end of this semester will make 13. And I still won't have that stinking diploma! JUST GIVE IT TO ME, DANG IT!

4An agent. To sell my book. And make me famous. And validate me by thinking that the books I write are worth writing. But I mostly want one just so that I can say, "So I was talking to my agent on the phone earlier..." and sound totally legit.

3My own personal private jet. That I don't have to pay for. That comes equipped with all of the sparkling cider I could ever want. That has a bed in it so I can actually sleep when I fly. So I can go anywhere I want to go in the lap of luxury at a grand cost of $0.00. Yep. That would be the life...

2Motivation to work out every day. I was going to get up early this morning and go to the gym. Did that happen? I'll let you figure that one out...

1Jamba Juice. Right now, that's all I really want from this world. A nice cup of delicious, fruity divinity to help me forget that I have a dumb exam this afternoon. Something chock full of strawberries and deliciousness.

What do you want?
What's your favorite Jamba Juice smoothie?
Are you an agent that will sell my book and make me famous? 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

day eight: sequel to the zombie post...

8Cars. I never have gotten over the anxiety. Doesn't matter if I'm driving or if I'm a passenger, if it's day or if it's night. It all started that horrible night with a horrible accident when my brother, friend, and I cheated death on a Texas back road. Read the story HERE.

7Airplane turbulence. The jolts trigger the adrenaline rushes I felt during that car accident. It's terrifying.

6Zombies, ghosts, demons, possessed nuns, mummies, phantoms, skeletons, witches... Halloween is definitely not my forte, apparently.

5Big decisions. I just can't make them. Shoot, I can't even make little decisions. I can't handle the pressure!

4Bugs. All of them. Spiders, cockroaches, beetles... Ladybugs, roly poly bugs, butterflies... I don't discriminate.

3Going out after dark alone. I just can't do it. Not since that one time in Paris... (You can read the story HERE.)

2Heights. You know that feeling you get at the top of really high things when you're terrified that your body is going to act of its own accord and throw itself off that high thing without your permission? Gosh, I hate that feeling. Therefore I stay away from high things.

1Waking up 100 lbs heavier. I don't know why this is a legitimate fear, but this terrifying scene plays out in my head sometimes where I wake up suddenly fat and I can't find clothes to wear and nobody recognizes me and I can't run half marathons anymore and I have to go on a diet and... Gosh. I'm sweating just thinking about it.

What are your biggest fears?
Do you ever get that horrible feeling at the top of really high things?
Have you ever woken up 100 lbs heavier?

Monday, October 8, 2012

day nine: love is for suckers, and i am a sucker

9Cucumbers. My favorite is to peel one and then walk around gnawing on it like I'm Bugs Bunny and it's my carrot. Vegetables don't get much better than that, ladies and gentlemen.

8One word: LoveSac. (Or is it two, since "Sac" is capitalized? This is sending my grammar training all out of whack...) Boyfriend has two. Now you know why I'm dating him.
(For the record, there are actually other reasons why I'm dating him. Lots and lots and lots of reasons. You'll probably get to hear all about those reasons as time goes on. But this is probably the most important reason. This is not news to him. :)

7Chester. He is the giant teddy bear that Boyfriend bought me this summer to keep me company while he was out of state. He (Chester) is giant and cuddly and soft and warm and cute and perfect and is the best snuggler in the world and the only difference between him and Boyfriend is that Boyfriend can talk. But maybe one day Chester will learn, and then they will be twins. Kind of.

6Olive Garden. It has been over a year and a half since my last visit. This is a hint. Who wants Italian food?!

5Blue nail polish. I don't know why. Blue isn't even my favorite color. And it doesn't even look that great on me. Sometimes love is confusing.

4Thanksgiving. Most people's favorite holiday is Christmas. Mine? Thanksgiving. But that's mostly just because my favorite pastime is gorging myself.

3Belgium. Favorite place I've ever been to. Plus also, I ate the best meal I've ever tasted before or since. (I'm not joking. That meal was so beautiful I cried. I'm not proud of it, but there you go.)

2"Facetious." It's my favorite word. I also have a favorite letter (R) and a favorite punctuation mark (the Oxford Comma). Obviously I picked the right minor (Editing).

1Earrings. I wear them every single day. It might have something to do with the fact that my dad is a custom jeweler and designer. But it's probably mostly because I'm a girl and I like to sparkle.

What do you love?
Do you have a favorite word?
Do you want to take me to Olive Garden?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

day ten: i'm gonna give all my secrets away

10I wish I could be in a movie. Sometimes I wish it so bad that it almost makes me cry. This is a problem.

9I am extremely ticklish. This must remain a secret. You betray my trust, you die. I have been known to kick people's jaws and elbow people's livers. I will not be held financially responsible for any sort of damages incurred if you tickle me. You have been warned.

8Boyfriend and I have a secret signal for when my lazy eye is being lame in public so that I can fix it. We're like ninjas.

7I listen to (and like) Justin Bieber. Guilty pleasure. I'm twenty-two, but as long as you love me, we could be homeless, we could be staving, we could be Justin Bieber fans...

6I do not find Ryan Reynolds attractive. I know, I know, you never thought it was possible. Well, it's possible. You know who I do find attractive? Chris Pine. James Marsden. Hugh Dancy. And Boyfriend.

5My favorite cereal is Bite Size Shredded Wheat. Non-frosted. No sugar added. No honey. Just plain, delicious, wheaty gloriousness. For some reason, that's usually a shocker. My second-favorite cereal is Grape Nuts. Go ahead, I'll wait while you gag. I love that stuff.

4I absolutely adore baby boy clothes. I can't get over when little two-year-olds wear mini three-piece suits. There is nothing more adorable in the entire world. Period.

3I planned on studying music in college for probably eight years before I started college. I wanted to be a concert pianist. I wanted to study at Juilliard. (I had pretty lofty goals, I know.) It wasn't until I finally started college (at a university that was not Juilliard) that I realized I should study something I was passionate about. My heart just wasn't in the music (though I did love it). My heart was in my books.

2I played the Tin Man in my high school's production of The Wizard of Oz. Yes, I am female.

1I am happier now than I ever really have been in my life. And that's a secret I'm very happy to share. :)

Here is why:

I have these friends

I have this family

I have this guy

(I found this 10 Day Challenge at The Song that Summer Sings. She's great. Go check her out.)

What are your secrets?
What makes you happy?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

if i were intelligent...

I would invent, market, and sell these five things.
If you steal my idea, please give me royalties. :)

1The Super-Sonic Ultra-Shower!!!

Tired of waiting for the water to be just right, only to step in and get 3rd degree burns all over your body?
Then look no further!
The Super-Sonic Ultra-Shower is here for you! With lots of buttons and doo-dads and even a nifty screen, this shower programs the temperature of your shower before you get in!

But wait, there's more!

The Super-Sonic Ultra Shower also is programmable to reduce steam! You heard right, ladies and gentlemen, no more choking to death every morning before work! Guaranteed to keep your brain cells from suffocating!

Ready to quit joggling the temperature back and forth from arctic-frozen to You-Know-Where hot? Ready to stop being terrified of your shower head?

Buy the Super-Sonic Ultra Shower... as soon as somebody more intelligent than me invents it!

2The Otter Pop Diet of Amazingness!

Ready to lose weight the super awesome, totally hip, most delicious way in the history of ever? Boy have I got a diet for you!

Drum roll...

The Otter Pop Diet of Amazingness!!!
Each Otter Pop tastes like a normal Otter Pop... but guess what? They aren't normal Otter Pops! (gasp!)
Infused with vitamins and minerals that have zero taste-changing abilities, these little babies are guaranteed to give you all the nutrients you need... in the most delicious way possible! (Think Vitamin Water--only a bajillion times yummier!)

Now you don't need to eat anything! Now you're the happiest person ever because you can eat Otter Pops all day long and be totally healthy while consuming only 25 calories per pop! Now you can be the skinny person you've always longed to be!

...Well... Maybe not right exactly at this moment... Probably more like sometime in the future... If anyone in the world besides me thinks this is a good enough idea to use their intelligence to make these amazing things.

3The Clean-Dishes-Putter-Away-er 3000!!!

Do your clean dishes sit in your dishwasher for days?
Does your clean dish rack pile so high it could count as one of the 7 Wonders of the World?
Are you ridiculously lazy?

Boy, have I got a surprise for you!

It's the Clean Dishes Putter Away-er 3000!!!

It does exactly what you think it does--It puts your dishes away in their proper place so you don't have to!

(If you invent this for me, I'll love you forever. And you can use this ad all you want.) (I know, I know. I'm so generous.)


Are you always late to work or school? Is walking up that last hill to campus an inconquerable feat? Do you want to be Spiderman?

We can help!

Just purchase the Insta-Zipline! Shoot it from your home to your office building the same way Spiderman shoots his sticky web thread, hang on tight, and zipline all the way to work. It's that easy!

Leave your home late? That's just fine! Just use the Insta-Zipline, and you'll get to your appointment on time! (Unintentional, yet totally awesome rhyme that I am leaving just for you. You're welcome ;)

And, as a new feature, the Insta-Zipline is now equipped with a gravity-resisting mechanism--so if you need to get somewhere uphill, you can!

Never be late again!
Always make unforgettable entrances wherever you go!
You could even dress up like Spiderman and legitimately fool people on your way to work!

Worried you might fall off the Insta-Zipline and die? Well, stop worrying! It has anti-slippery-hands stuff you can apply to the handle so you'll never lose your grip!

5Super Delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Spread!

Need something delicious to slather all over your toast in ridiculously large quantities?

Craving a chocolatey snack that you can eat in the middle of the night with a spoon? (no shame, people!)

Dreaming of a silky, mouth-watering, yummy...?

...Oh wait. Someone was already intelligent enough to invent this one. Whoever that guy was is my all-time hero, and I am not exaggerating.

(PS I really think Nutella should pay me for all of the advertising I do for them. And that payment should come in the form of lots and lots of Nutella. A lifetime supply is the only thing I want in this world.)

There's my list, everyone. Hope you enjoyed it!

Also, please forgive my excessive use of exclamation points. I kept picturing Billy Mays doing these advertisements, and that guy's voice, by definition, was a big exclamation point. (My little brother and I used to call him "the yell-y guy" when we were little. A title that is very well-deserved, if you ask me.)

Also, this stuff is exciting, and it deserves exclamation points.

!!!        <-- (There are a few more, just for emphasis.)

What are five things you would invent if you had the know-how?
Interested in inventing one of these things? Just contact me. I've got all the details to make your product successful. :)