Tuesday, December 4, 2012

i can be stubborn...

So Elisabeth from Bella just posted this thought:

What are some things I won't change my mind about?

1The pronunciation of "Nutella." (It's NOO-tella, guys. Not Nut-tella. For real. As one for whom Nutella is part of daily intake requirements, I should know.)
2Macs. (I don't care how many viruses they don't get. I don't care how sleek they are. I don't care that the little apple glows on the back when you use it. PCs are better. Period.)
3Cucumbers. (Best. Vegetable. Ever. And don't you dare pickle them in that evil vinegar stuff or I will hunt you down. That is a promise.)
4Homework. (It's dumb. It always has been dumb. And it always will be dumb.)
5Boy bands. (They rock. And grown-ups are allowed to like them, too.)
6Fiance. (We've already gone through so stinking much to get where we are today, the only thing that could stop me from marrying him at this point is getting hit by a train. Unless I survived. Then I'd still marry him. Maimed or not.)
7God. (He's there, He listens, He is eternal.)
8Food. (I will always, always, always love it.)
9Sweat pants. (You know how people sometimes ask you who you will want to meet when you get to heaven? Some people say Abraham Lincoln, others say Shakespeare... Well I want to meet the guy who invented sweat pants and personally shake that genius's hand. I owe him everything.)
10The fact that the phrase "a couple of" does not necessarily refer to specifically two of something. (I will fight you on this. If I say, "a couple of days ago," I don't mean Sunday specifically. I mean a random day in the last 2 to 5 days. If I say, "I ate a couple handfuls of M&Ms," I don't mean that I only stuck my hand in that bag twice. I probably stuck it in there three or four times. [Fiance, Morgan, Jake, and all the other people I've argued with about this--I'm talking to you. You'll never change my mind!])

So. What are some things you won't change your mind about?
Head on over to Elisabeth's post, check out her list, and link up!

How do YOU pronounce Nutella?
Do you use a Mac or a PC? (note--I still love Mac-users...  I just refuse to mimic your electronic purchasing history. That's all. :)


  1. i'm a pc person!
    i'm the only at work who doesn't have a mac and i'm good with that. and your thought about boy band!!! i do listen to some of them and love their songs. even though i think not all boy bands are rock.

  2. I live your list! Even though I have to admit that I am a Mac user. Other then that I pretty much agree with you 100% oh and except for cucumber. I use to like them until I was pregnant. It was the only food I could not stand to eat... Sad day

  3. I'm a Mac owner and it's funny because when I was in elementary school, I always said I'd never get a mac because the ones we had at school were REALLY bad and my PC at home was awesome, but I will never get another PC again. My boyfriend just built his own computer, put windows on it and within an hour of having it hooked up to our home network, he got two viruses and our network was hacked... Plus, my mac is still kicking after 3 years, a time frame any of my PCs only dreamed of... that being said, I have things I will never give in to... and who the heck looks at Nutella and goes, "oh, this is pronounced Nut-tella"???

  4. Whoa. Nutella is DEFINITELY pronounced nut-ella. It is made from nuts, duh. but I am with you on just about everything else! I love cucumbers and hate macs. A couple means several...more than one...not two specifically.

    And nutella is wonderful, even if you pronounce it incorrectly. :-)


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