Sunday, December 9, 2012

fiance wants me to write a post about cheese.

So here it goes.

Today, I randomly remembered that I still had some cheddar cheese left in the fridge, and I suddenly became absolutely ravenous for said cheese. But I live in an apartment with six other girls, therefore my fridge looks like this:

Only a little bit worse.

But I needed that cheese. I was literally going to DIE if I didn't get that cheese (but not the literal type of "literally." Just the new-teenager-non-literal type of "literally").

So I started pulling things out of the fridge. Like five packages of tortillas. And 27 tupperware dinners. And five gallons of milk. And 12 yogurts. And four bags of shredded cheese belonging to other roommates. And an empty container.

I finally found my cheese at the back of the fridge. But it was inedible. Not moldy, just dry.

And I said to myself, "Self... you need to get your own fridge."

I promise this story was not a pointless story, nor was it a waste of your time. There were lots of things you could learn from this story:

1Don't forget that you have cheese in the fridge.

Okay. You're right. It was a pointless story.

But here is what I learned from this experience:
1Don't take Fiance's advice when he tells you to write blog posts about cheese. 
2You don't know anything about cheese. 
3Nothing exciting has ever happened to you that had anything to do with cheese.
4Next time, write about something cool. Like Nutella. Or puppies. Or naps.
5Nutella is yummy.
6You haven't eaten any Nutella yet today.
7That's probably why you couldn't think of anything to blog about and had to ask Fiance for ideas.
8You should probably go to bed.
9But first, you should eat some Nutella.
10But don't put the Nutella in the fridge, or you'll never find it ever again. And you'll never come up with a blog post ever again either.

Wow, guys.

...Just... wow...

I surprise even myself sometimes.

How do you come up with ideas for blog posts?
Have you ever lost your cheese?

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  1. omg that happens to me all the time and it's legit one of the saddest feelings ever. I totally sympathise with your pain. (pointless stories are the best XD)


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