Wednesday, October 10, 2012

day seven: all i want for christmas is ALL OF THIS! please don't leave anything out. thank you.

7A car that never breaks down, whose registration never expires, that doesn't need to be inspected because it is so awesome, that never runs out of windshield wiper fluid, that refills its gas tank by itself... Yeah. That would be pretty great. Any idea where I can get one of those?

6A crockpot. Those things are like magic. You put random food in, and it comes out tasting delicious. I need to buy one stat.

5My diploma. Holy cow can I just have it already? I've been through 12 rounds of finals already... the end of this semester will make 13. And I still won't have that stinking diploma! JUST GIVE IT TO ME, DANG IT!

4An agent. To sell my book. And make me famous. And validate me by thinking that the books I write are worth writing. But I mostly want one just so that I can say, "So I was talking to my agent on the phone earlier..." and sound totally legit.

3My own personal private jet. That I don't have to pay for. That comes equipped with all of the sparkling cider I could ever want. That has a bed in it so I can actually sleep when I fly. So I can go anywhere I want to go in the lap of luxury at a grand cost of $0.00. Yep. That would be the life...

2Motivation to work out every day. I was going to get up early this morning and go to the gym. Did that happen? I'll let you figure that one out...

1Jamba Juice. Right now, that's all I really want from this world. A nice cup of delicious, fruity divinity to help me forget that I have a dumb exam this afternoon. Something chock full of strawberries and deliciousness.

What do you want?
What's your favorite Jamba Juice smoothie?
Are you an agent that will sell my book and make me famous? 


  1. Lol I want jamba juice too!! We don't have one where I live unfortunately. We do have a tropical smoothie though :) and if I were an agent I would deff sell your book and make you famous (even though I've never read it, lol)

    xo, Heather

    1. Aww, thanks! You're my favorite person today! Too bad all of the agents I'm querying aren't just like you... :)

  2. Sorry hun I am no agent boooo ! But thanks for following me on my blog With Passion and Love :)

    There are too many things I would like but one in particular which is fairly big is to have my home fully renovated in time for the festivities ... that would be truly spectacular, but as I have too many projects planned that is not going to happen booo .. maybe the pixies will pop by and help hahahaha !!!!

    BTW I am not sure what a Jamba Juice is ?! I am English !!

    Love Chrissi xo

  3. All wonderful and mostly realistic wants!! Hope you get them all :) I on the other hand want for mostly outlandish and but we can dream.

  4. oh my goodness this is such a cute blog challenge! i'm going to have to steal it :) i found you on a blog hop and i'm glad that i did. my last post was actually what i want most for christmas, but it's kind of boring....just got married, i guess i'm boring now! :)

  5. Oh my gosh I love this idea! Cutest series ever. Keep em coming!

  6. We got a crockpot as a wedding gift 2.5 years ago, and it took me almost a year and a half to first use it. But? Totally use it a few times a month now. It's awesome. Definitely get one!

    And the jet? I want one too. And espesh a yacht, so we can sail around the world. Ahhh. :)

    1. Ooooh! A yacht would be nice... you're a genius!

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