Saturday, September 22, 2012

to-do list: homework. write your novel.

Well. I got one of those things done today.

It's not too hard to do homework when that homework consists of reading this book:

And sitting next to this guy:

Yep. Twist my arm, right?

So the homework's done. I'm so proud of myself. But the word count for my novel today? A big fat zero. I don't know why, but taking a break from writing while school got so crazy has made it really hard to get back into it. I feel like I never know where the story's going, my characters aren't speaking to me, the plot isn't engaging... I don't know what to do.

I think this is what they call "Writer's Block." So. Anybody know how to cure it? I'm getting desperate!

In other news, this song is the newest purchase on my ipod and I can't get it out of my head. In a I-love-this-song-so-much-I-wish-I-could-blast-it-on-repeat-all-day-long-and-I-totally-would-if-I-didn't-have-roommates!!! kind of way.


But really... How do I get rid of Writer's Block???


  1. Hmm tricky one, when I get stumped I try and NOT write for few days sometimes that refuels me. Or you could try starting on a new project or write a short story for a contest. Hope you find your way out soon.

  2. You know my problem? I want to write but don't have the time. I have all these ideas and my characters and I are having pow-wows in my head. But I literally have no time. But once I have time to write? Nothing. Nada. Zip. How do I fix this?! (Maybe I should just say, "Screw you homework!" and write what I want to write? Who knows...)

    For me, I get out of writers block when I imagine what I am writing in movie form. Weird, right? I even have the background music and everything. I try to feel how I would if I was so in that moment, with that music playing, that I get wrapped up and carried away in the emotions. Once I have quite literally lost myself in the story, suddenly I know where to go from there.

    That, and I have music that usually inspires different things. So I re-listen to whatever song I was listening too when that story idea came to me. If that makes sense...


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