Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i'm not cheating on my boyfriend. he knows all about my secret love. don't worry about it.

So... the other day I was hanging out at my friend Adrienne's house (Because their little 3-month-old Oliver is the cutest baby in the history of ever. True story). The dashing boyfriend, Jon, and I were watching some random TV show while I was bouncing Ollie on my lap, and Adrie was sitting on the couch next to us enjoying the break from holding the baby by clicking around on Pinterest. Out of the blue, she laughs out loud and says, "Oh man, Jessica... You have to see this. It's totally something you would say."

I lean over and see this picture on her screen:

taken from: http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=29889

If you know anything about me at all, you know that I love--no, worship--Nutella. Score one point for Adrie, 'cause she definitely knew.

Anyway, today's post is a short one. But well worth it because nothing known to man is better than Nutella.

Here is my super awesome haiku just for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Ode to Nutella
Nutella is the
Most delicious thing ever made.
It is so good. Yum.

I was born to be a poet, obviously.

Anybody else love Nutella?

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