Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I know I haven't posted in a long time... Life has gotten crazy. But I'm back, and I'll be posting more regularly again (I hope!)

But today I don't have any drawings. Today I have only a story.

Just like many of you, I remember exactly where I was exactly eleven years ago that fateful morning when the towers fell, when innocent lives were taken, and when everyday Americans like you and me came together.

I was young. Middle school. I didn't understand.

I lived far away. Thousands of miles from the tragedy. Thousands of miles away from the rubble and the smoke.

Nobody I knew died. Nobody I knew suffered.

But that day changed me.

Today's story is a story of hope.

Eleven years ago, our country stood together, clasped hands, and fought for the freedom that makes America bright. Eleven years ago, it didn't matter whether you were rich or poor, whether you were religious or atheist, whether you were gay or straight, or whether you were Republican or Democrat. Eleven years ago, all that mattered was that America could not... would not... sit idly by and let the fires of terrorism take away what it stood for.

But today, eleven years later, we are divided. All of those things that didn't matter on that day now drive us apart as we argue and bicker and fight and hate... and we forget.

Please don't forget.

I propose that there is still hope. That this story is not over. That we can set aside our differences and join hands with other Americans who are different from us and proclaim that we will not back down.

Our freedom is on the line.

Please don't let the memories of that unity die in vain.

Our freedom makes everything possible.

I have a family.

I have friends.

I have people and memories and moments that mean the world to me.

But none of it would be possible without that freedom that I've taken for granted for so long.

Today is 9/11/2012.

Today is the day I stop taking my blessings for granted.

Please don't let the hate tear us apart any longer.


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  1. Very touching Jess. I remember that day as well. We are lucky to live in such a vast country filled with so many individuals who make it so colorful. I won't forget.


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