Sunday, September 30, 2012

list of things to be afraid of? just got longer.

Once upon a time yesterday, Boyfriend and I watched a TV show. You've probably heard of it: The Walking Dead.

Anyway. Remember how in my last post I was talking about what a baby I am and how I'm still afraid of the dark and all that?

Well, now I'm afraid of another new thing.

It's zombies. And I was going to put up a picture of one just now, but then I Google Image searched "The Walking Dead" and nearly threw my laptop across the room and hid under my sheets. Because apparently while I sit here typing about how terrified I am of the zombies in this show, I somehow didn't realize that if I searched for a picture of one to put on my blog, I'd have to see those zombies that I'm so terrified of all over again.

And also, I just can't have that kind of horror on my blog. Too too scary for me.

But anyway. If you haven't seen this show, here is what you need to know about it:

  • Zombies.
  • Scary zombies
  • Zombies that chase you
  • Zombies that eat you
  • Zombies that are scary
  • Zombies that make weird gurgly dead noises
  • Zombies that can live even if they don't have legs
  • Zombies are scary
  • You might need a man to protect you from the tv. Hopefully you have one of those.
  • If you are afraid of the dark... your life is pretty much over.
  • Zombies are yucky and gross.
  • I hope the Zombie Apocalypse never ever happens ever EVER.
  • If you see a Zombie, run away. Don't shoot it. Because more zombies will come and then you will DIE.
  • Zombies in large numbers might eat your horse.
  • Zombies are the most horrible things ever 
  • Boyfriend says that zombies are not real, and he keeps reminding me that they can't get me because they don't exist. But they looked pretty real in that episode I watched, and how is Boyfriend going to know if the Zombie Apocalypse is starting tomorrow and zombies are going to start existing?
  • If you are me, you should probably never watch that show again. Even if you want to know if the people survive the zombie attacks and find their families and stuff. Because there are zombies in this show. And you are so scared of them you almost cried, remember?

There, I think that's a pretty good list.

Basically my point is that I'm a big baby. And if you aren't a big baby, maybe you'll think the zombies are cool. And maybe you'll like this show. Maybe it will be your new obsession. Maybe you will dress up as one of the zombies for Halloween (if you do, pretty pretty please don't come to my apartment unless you want to see me cry. I'm not joking).

All I can say is that it's a good thing that Boyfriend bought me a giant teddy bear this summer to protect me from the zombies.

Have you ever watched The Walking Dead
What are you afraid of?


  1. Oh my gosh, Chester is so cute! ; ) Stopping by to say thank you for your sweet comment! You totally made my day! : )

  2. I couldn't find your email address, so I'm responding to you here! ; )

    Ummm, and after that comment YOU are my new favorite person!! Thanks for making my day better as well!

    If I wasn't already following you, I'd follow you again ; )


  3. LOL! I cannot - will not - watch horror movies. I saw a ghost show when I was a little kid, and I've been terrified ever since.

  4. Haha, I love this. And what a perfect post for October! The fact is - I am such a wimp too! I don't do scary movies or even super scary books or anything. They freak me out!

    Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. That's awesome that you know Sam! I lived in the Elms starting fall of that year, so we must have barely missed each other :) I'm excited to be your newest follower!


    1. Thanks for following! Yeah, we must have barely missed each other... but the Elms was great! Glad you got to experience it before you two got married! :)

  5. I love scary stuff, and although I've never watched The Walking Dead, I'm completely addicted to Supernatural. If you have problems sleeping because of things that go bump in the night--I do NOT recommend this TV show.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck with your writing! And if your really serious about it, don't miss the LDStorymakers conference in 2013! Or WIFYR, that's a good one too.

    1. Yeah, I love writer's conferences--they're the best! Maybe I'll see you at one in the future! :)

      I should probably stay away from Supernatural, then, since I'm so afraid of the dark! If you love scary stuff, you'll have to check out the Walking Dead!

  6. haha this cracks me up! I remember playing the zombie game that came out on ps3 and I tried playing and it seriously scared me...a GAME! ha. I feel ya girl!

  7. Hey Thanks for stopping by my blog! This post is too funny! It made me laugh so hard. To be honest my husband and I are HUGE Walking Dead fans. . . except, after every episode I'm too scared to go to sleep!
    Zombies. FREAK. ME. OUT! Yet, I can't get enough of it!

    1. I'm glad you liked the post! Haha I wish I had the strength to watch another episode of the Walking Dead--I'm so curious about what happens next, but I just know that I'll be terrified for weeks afterwards if I do! Way to go, being so brave! :)


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