Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a two-thousand-eleven year of words.

I'm a word nerd, simple enough. English major, editing minor (with an additional minor in French because, hey, they have some really great words too). I spend more time with grammar books and Shakespeare than pretty much anything else. And you know what they say about pictures... they're worth a thousand words. "A thousand words" sounds pretty great to me (maybe my novels would get written in less time if I just used pictures... I'll have to remember that).

So with all of these retrospective, let's-look-back-at-2011-and-remember-how-totally-dang-awesome-it-was posts, this is how I remember 2011.

2011 was a year of...

Golden couches and field trips for Indian food. Roommates that I loved. Way too many late nights talking about what's really important in life (you know, like boys and homework and how pompous college professors can be--the deep stuff).

Ice castles. Because, um, hello? They're freaking legit.

Building living room forts. And watching That Thing You Do in them. And taking naps. And just generally not doing homework because, let's face it, homework is really lame.

Ballroom dance competitions. Watching the big twirly skirts. Learning to Samba and Rumba and Quickstep and Waltz, and loving every minute of it.

Colors. Everywhere. And finding purple chalk in my ears and hair for weeks afterwards.

Having a really attractive family. I mean, look at these guys!


Saying goodbye to my little brother for two years. And also really digging his yellow tie.

Family. These people love me no matter what. I'm so lucky. I don't deserve them, but they just keep right on loving me.

New roommates. We're a band, actually. We're called "Kara and the Jessicas." Because, well, it's Kara, me, Jessica, and Jessica. And that was just begging to be a band name.

Jack-O-Lanterns like I haven't made since I was a kid. (Her name was Janelle, and she was the most adorable thing in the world. I know you all want one).

11/11/11. A wish at 11:11. Eggnog, floating cookies, and jacuzzi steam in the cold air.

A Christmas that changed my life around and gave me hope.

2011 was a year of smiles, laughs, Nutella, chick flicks, blankets, quote walls, firsts, memories, stargazing under picnic tables, Better-Than-Sex cake, agent querying, loving, losing, tears, miracles, prayers, family, and music.

You don't think I'm ready for you, 2012?

Bring. It. On.

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