Tuesday, January 3, 2012

memories of a paris that sang to the tune of old starlight

What is Paris to me?

It's a view out of an apartment window.

It is an icon.

It is delicious like nothing I've ever before tasted.

It's the way spring smells like a dance.

It's a fairytale reality.

It is history.

It sounds like the echos of yesteryear.

It is elegance.

It is like no dream I've ever had.

It is hidden pathways that tourists never see.

It is color.

It is a new family. And two little girls who stole my heart.

It is a home they let me call my own for a few short months.

It is rainy mornings and shining cobblestoned streets. It is the crunch of a baguette's crust between my teeth. It is slanting windows and carousels. It is hundreds of years and tiny moments. It is pigeons and tourists. It is nutella and bananas. It is a language that tastes like music. It is a city with lights like stars that sing if you simply open your eyes to its magic.

One day I'll return. Until then, I'll remember.

All photos are mine. Don't worry. And also, don't steal (or use without permission :)

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  1. I don't know if you know this...I have been there too!


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