Sunday, January 8, 2012

how to make your life awesome in ten steps.

1-Love to eat Nutella. And peanut butter. Together. On a spoon, possibly.

2-Wear sweat pants whenever you are at home. Because God made legs to be covered by sweat pants.

3-Stay up wayyy too late doing none of the important things you planned to do.

4-Drink milk like it's water. You'll have strong bones. Isn't an Osteoporosis-free life so great?

5-Take ridiculously long Sunday naps.

6-Like Justin Bieber. This is an absolute requirement.

7-Own a brand new pair of totally cute converse shoes that make you feel adorable whenever they grace your feet with their presence.

8-Quote YouTube videos more than you actually create your own sentences.
            -I recommend Kid History. Those videos are almost as important to the way I live my life as the Bible. True story.

9-Be a crazy person at dance parties. This will up your awesomeness by 10% at least.

10-Eat cereal for every meal.

Basically, just be me. Then your life will be awesome. :)

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